Apr 1, 2011

Designer Orgasms Contest

It's finally here! When I was cured of my depressingly LONG 18 month dry spell, I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. As a matter of fact, I kind of did; you can read about The Great Eruption of 2011 here

Anyways, days after I purged my hot-and-bothered-ness, I still had Orgasms on the brain, and really, how could I not? 18 MONTHS, PEOPLE! I had my Illustrator open and I started playing with Orgasm designs. I was having so much fun and I knew I'd have to put one up in my shop. Well, I'm now torn between 3 and I need YOUR help choosing the final design.

You may or may not notice that they are all, in fact, still referencing my logo with the splat. Its primary function is to be an INK splat, but when I change the colour, it can sure read as different things.

White? Bird shit. Not cool.
Green? Boogers. Still not cool.
Orange and/or yellow? Barf. Gross!
Brown? Poop or Chocolate. Funny, but still questionable.
Pink? Well... you get the idea! Perfection.

Considering it was the joint efforts of hubby and Mr. Purple that helped me achieve my elevated level of consciousness, I felt that the only suitable prizes for this contest would be some sexy toys. My good friends over at The Love Shop graciously offered a fabulous Evolved™ Sweet Cheeks vibrator and the most adorable Evolved™ Bottle Rocket as a second place prize!

So, after all that jibber jabber, it's really simple.
VOTE for your favorite Orgasm design to WIN!



PLEASE be sure to type in your favorite design inside your linky entry.
(A, B or C) See my example:


  1. Woo Hoo! I'm the 1st one to vote!!! <3

  2. and if that disqualifies me or something....eh, so be it...I had fun voting!

  3. LOL. No. All fixed hun. The first one still went to your site, but I totally know how that shit is annoying. x

  4. wait?? I did it right??? I see it and it looks normal.........ok, did you fix it?? BAHAHA!! ok ok...I'm just gonna walk away now.

  5. Would you ship to New Zealand? If you can't and I win, draw another person :D

  6. I really like B's Font but I chose C because of the words. Maybe, we can make C's words in B's font? That would be FUCKHAWT!

  7. I second Lynn's suggestion. Smaller splat, haha.

  8. I cheated. I voted twice.
    Couldn't decide.

  9. My my my 18 months I think that is a record
    Love love all the designs

  10. I chose B but I don't think it went through either time. Bummer! Popped over from Fabulously Flawed!
    Thought it was funny what you posted as a comment there. Just wanted to vote!

  11. From the names of the above commentators, this looks to be a "chic" thing. It's nice to see however, that all entries feature a hug cum stain :)-

  12. YAAAAAAAAYYY I got my vote in I feel more powerful than if I had voted for the prez! I do *heart* some orgasms fur shur! Cheers lady E you are PIMP!

  13. Oh snap! I love the "splatter" affect on all of them but I'm going with C!!!!

  14. Oups I did it wrong too...I'm #22...put your linky in there by mistake. Darn technology! lol..


  15. Ha ha ha I just laughed my head off at Jill^

  16. I love your posts and your comments are usually pretty good but these ones are awesome and hilarious. I'm practically crying here.

  17. Yeah...I voted before I was fully awake. Gawd. I should know not to do that....but you got me all excited with the potential for winning :) Yeah...delete #35 <-- that one's my sleep induced mistake... keep #36.

  18. ooh I love all three designs how do I just choose one. And now i'm feeling all horny in the library. you bad woman you!


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