Jan 3, 2011

The Great Eruption of 2011

OK. So it's not usually my M.O. to talk about my 'current' sex life, as there is usually not much to embellish upon our fairly normal husband & wife scenarios - BUT I have had a break-through and need to shout it from the roof tops, yodel from the mountain tops, and scream it from any other top of anything that is... well... bloody high up there, let's put it that way!

I don't know if it was due to the stress of everything that was happening in my life or what, and although my sex drive has never wavered, (and sometimes, I actually wish I could put a leash on her) my precious lady bits and the ability to climax had gone on strike... for like, OVER A YEAR! I know my hubby isn't the most persistent of lovers, but I have to give him some credit in trying every once and a while, because he did.

Him? Nothing.

Him and me? Zip.

Just me? Zilch.

Me & The Purple Thumper? Nadda.

WHAT THE HELL? My friends had also offered up the hypothesis that it MUST be the stress that I was under, but I still wasn't convinced. I'd gone thought shitty times before, but once the clothes came off, I have not but 1 focus. I am able to cut out the background noise and life's bullshit... always. It was baffling.

Then... 2 nights ago... WHAM! And then... WOW, YES and OH GOD! That's right. After probably the better part of 18 months of zero orgasms I achieved 4 in under half an hour. THANK YOU JESUS... and my husband, of course. (The rare times you'll catch me being religious is ironically in the bedroom, go figure.) We didn't do anything different than the other times when it was the 3 of us (me, hubby and Purple Thumper) but I don't even care or wish to offer up a post-game analysis.

And it wasn't a fluke either, because last night the Great Eruption happened again.

Conclusion? I'm back, baby!
The curse of 2010 has been broken. 2011, I already fucking love you!


  1. It's going to be a good year ;)

  2. Just visiting from Monday mingle...Already a follower.

  3. Haha, awesome! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Dry spells are terrible. Good for you for getting back in the game!

  5. You def need a badge for that one ;) hmmm what to call it ....

  6. Ya whooooooo! *standing up and clapping*

    *still clapping*

  7. Happy Monday Hookerr!
    wanted to let you know I passed an award to you!


  8. girl i have been on a dry spell too!!! hate it!
    new follower btw and cant stop reading your blog!

  9. Hey Hey Congrats! LOL

    Following you back from the blog hop (Mommy Rantings) thanks for coming by!

  10. Hi! Following you from the blog hop. Hope you will follow me back!

    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

  11. Well, welcome back then! LOL! Loved this post!

    When this happened to me a couple of years ago, I said to my husband "I think I broke it." We had a good laugh but after a few months, it stopped being funny! :)

  12. @Sofia's Ideas
    I know, right? Not funny after a while - and then you try not to focus on it, because it never works if you try too hard. Vicious cycle. Glad it's over!

    Dry spell? I wish - it was the frickin' desert! lol.

  13. Wooo Hoooo! Praise be to the littlest, naked, baby Jesus there is!
    I'll let you know when my great eruption hits... because right now- not so much.
    But you know, yay for YOUR lady bits.

  14. Well, that's a damn good reason to celebrate!! Thanks for following I'm following you back, and i love it here!

  15. NICEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I dont know what id ever do if I couldnt use my O face. but Im glad its over for you... Heres to a less cranky 2011!

    Happy Horny New Year!

  16. I never saw this post.

    What do you think it was?

    Seriously: mental block? or something?


    Had to be,r ight?


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