Jun 3, 2011

And I Keep On Trucking

So... yes! It's now definitely been one year since I began this whole blog journey. I haven't really kept track - mainly because I didn't know it would be important. (And don't ask about just checking my earliest post date because thanks to my O.C.D., I re-arranged and fucked all those up ages ago.) It's been a fantastic ride so far - with only isolated incidences of turbulence. It really has taken on a life of its own - something that I never expected. Nor did I ever think I would gain such amazing, funny and loyal readers.

I didn't do any research before I began. I didn't know about subscribers, linkys, memes, or any of that shit.
I began this blog, originally, for two reasons.

ONE: To have a place where women could share their embarrassing stories from when they were growing up - so other young women could read it and perhaps not feel so alone and not thinking that they were the only ones going through all this insanity. Even though I had a great relationship with my mother and also had close friends, I still often felt very lonely with all the things that were happening to my body, and to my sex life - both of which were foreign and bizarre.


TWO: To get my damn book done. It's been in pieces for the most part of a decade now, but finally, after this year, I've managed to get it into 185 pages of semi cohesive prose, so far. Yay!

Here's the catch for the first point, however... I couldn't for the life of me get anyone to contribute their stories. It was like I was asking for kidney donations - so I had to write all my own stories and experiences, almost exclusively. The up side to that was, as it turns out, I'm a fucking head-case with a couple affairs of my heart that I need to seriously work through. Perhaps I'll never really "work through" them, per se, but at least here I can express my love, my loss and my secret desires.

I've only managed to publicly upset and piss off ONE out of 87,683 views. Yes, it was a big one, but still, the odds are definitely in my favor - wouldn't you think? My nausea has finally subsided over the whole thing, and that right there is cause to celebrate, if for no other reason but that one.

Another added bonus is that I can also demonstrate both my juvenile humor and quasi-explicit adventures that I quickly have become known for. What can I say? I've done my mother proud, twofold.

If you are a new reader, HELLO THERE!
Here are a few highlights from this past year that I feel are a good well-rounded reflection of what I'm all about, what I'm trying to express, and what lengths I'll stoop to in order to make myself you laugh and/or cry at my idiosyncratic musings.

How the drama all began. He's Totally The One
Agent! Where's my agent? The Teddy Bear Diva
The screenplay in progress; how I got my name. A Promise to Keep
I guess the writing was on the wall, really. My First Dildo
Hello. My name is Lady E and I have adult acne. Pizza Face with Extra Bitch
I'm a Cunt Dragon. Didn't You Know?
A splash of crime, music and sex to finish off the day. Jane Stole My Addiction

Here's to another fabulous year of stories, sex, stupidity
and as always... my shame.


  1. I've been jizzing all over your blog for what, like 3 months now? Looks like I have some fun catching up to do.

    Congrats on your blogoversary. I hope year 2 is just as fun, if not better.

    Keep on keepin on.

    A rabid follower

  2. One year?

    How could I have missed the fabulishisness that is you?

    Happy Blogoversary, hot mama!

    Happy to have met you.

    You make me laugh.

  3. Happy Blogversary Lady E! Love ya! xoxo

  4. nice! I bow to your excellence...you rock girl!! happy blog-b day!

  5. woot! wham bam! hurloz

    congratz Lady E you are awesome

    muhwah back at yah!

  6. ahhhhh lush. I know I always say it but you're one of my favourites. You've done amazing. Keep it up. If you want embarassing stories I have tons and I am more than welcome to tell you alllllll!! xx

  7. Congrats on making it this far! Happy bloggiversary :)
    Always a great time to come and read your stuff.

  8. I'd never heard of the phrase 'cunt-dragon' but I will endeavour to use it in my next piece of university coursework.

  9. Happy Blogoversary, Cunt Dragon! Whatever the hell it is, if you're one, I'm sure it's fun! lol

  10. I only recently found your blog but I am not going away, your blog is way too awesome. So congrats on the 1 year and thanks for writing.


    I love that you jizz all over my blog

    Anytime, hun! The weirder, the better. LOL

    Get your binders ready, Cunt Dragon 101 will commence shortly. ha!

  12. Happy one year bolgaversary dear!!!

  13. Happy Blogaversary my friend.

    This place has become a daily read for me. A place to share in your shame, your triumphs, and your sexy pole dances.

    I'm so proud of you!

  14. Well, damn, I could have contributed a story or two, but I'm sure nothing I've got can touch your awesomeness. Happy Blogovarsary, darlin', and I hope to be reading you for years to come!

  15. Kudos! Happy muthafuckin' blog birfday baby!


  16. Has it really been a year - Oh My. You know I missed my one year anniversary about 50+ days ago - oops

    So kudos to you - at least you managed to commemorate your 100th post and your 1 year anniversary, I sailed right past both of those milestones without so much of a flicker - I guess that's why I love your blog so much and mine needs a little more love LOL oxox

    Congrats on the milestone achievements, you are awesome my friend oxox

  17. You're so awesome! Congrats on one year of blogging :-)

  18. Happy Blogoversary girlie!!! I look forward to reading you each and every week. I'm so glad we've connected through this great medium.
    You ROCK!
    Muah! to you too

  19. Happy Anni, and although I'm a new follower, I've seen you around for a while, just kept forgetting to "hook up". Well, I'm on your ass now, and am enjoying the ride. Yeehaww !!!

  20. Happy blogoversary! I'm a new blogger (well, it's a new blog anyway) and I'm newly following. I may be lacking more estrogen than anything else these days, but this blog is a blast! Hope you don't mind if I hang around from now on.

    Oh yeah, As much as I hate self promotion, I hate lonliness even more, so I'd be happy as all hell if you stopped by and took pity on an old broad and her blog!


  21. Woop Woop! It's been a year already? Dammit! I remember coming across your blog and being immediatly hooked like a crack head to sucking "tips" for a hit! You are an awesome story teller and just an all around cool as chick!

    Keep blogging...
    or I'll find you!!

    Thundercat out!

  22. Cheers! You are a gifted writer and never fail to make me blush with your incredible, hilarious stories! Can't wait to see what next year brings~

  23. I'm so happy to have met all of you as well!!
    Thanks so much for your lovely compliments. xox

  24. I am so happy we found each other! I love your style & humor. Can't wait to read that book!

  25. A book is forthcoming? Ooh-la-la! Looking forward to that for sure! I'm a fairly new reader of yours, but loving the hell out of it. Looking forward to more!


  26. Congrats on making it to a year! You know I think you rock and I'll be first for a signed copy of your book lady xx


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