Jun 15, 2011

Move Over Struzan, There's a New Bitch in Town

Well, maybe not. But I thought it was time I combined my talents obsessions into one piece of work. Movies, Design and Humor - what more could a girl ask for in order to entertain oneself at 1 o'clock in the morning? So, yes, just in case you're slow to the plate, and to cover my ass, this poster is 100% F-A-K-E. Satan bless the internet for good quality celebrity images for me to lift.

Like the title? I could so see it working! It would be one of those Rom-Coms that reveals all the awesome jokes in the preview but then flattens out a little in the full feature. You know, because it has a few slow bits and drags ever so slightly in the middle. 2 1/2 stars, I'm thinking, possibly 3. Of course, it would have been my screenplay as well, so I am my worst critic.

* Drew Struzan is a graphic artist that has done over 100 movie posters, including Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Back to The Future. He is a god & telling him to move over is blasphemous - which, of course, is why I did it. I love blasphemy.


  1. I would accept free tickets to see this if it was ever made into a movie.

  2. Awesome.
    I'll put you down for 2 :)

  3. I fckng LOVE you
    brilliant as always!!! Hahaha!!

  4. I LOVE that title. The font, the crooked O's...genius!!

    And the rating disclaimer...I'm in!!

  5. Even with Jeremy London to salvage it, I think this show is doomed to fail.


    Jerry O'Connell. Sorry dude, the last good show you were in was Sliders, and even then only the first season was decent.

    Oh, and congrats Ms E. You made me think of a lame 90's TV show. Your Jedi powers are getting stronger...

  6. @Lost

    Hahaa - I watched Sliders too.

    I was really thinkin' the trailer would carry it through to enough ticket sales to make my money back and then some.
    Plus, Ilsa Fisher - nudity? Hello!

  7. Is it too late to recast Jerry O'Connell? Because, seriously, that guy makes my ass crack crave a dip of snuff. That's not a good thing, by the way.

    Killer poster, though. You're the shizz. (That is a good thing, right?)

  8. Looks Great.. I love the Title.. and I like Jerry O'Connell he and Jeremy worked on Crossing Jordan in an episode. There can only be one winner..you are so creative and hilarious.Nice Work:)xo @KrissyMp

    PS I want to be in a movie with Jimmy Fallon can U do it!

  9. Too funny. I love Jason Bateman

  10. I never realized how much Jerry O'Connell and Jason Bateman look alike. Have to say though that you have more design talent than a few of these people have in acting. You should probably just head to Hollywood. Or are you already there???

  11. @Jessica
    In MY mind, I'm so there already ;)

    Humm... we'll see.
    And I watched Crossing Jordan - I'll have to find that episode. My memory is good, but not THAT good.

    I'm sorry if Jerry gives your ass crack cravings - I'm a big fan of the underdog. Fat kid from Stand By Me - now married to Mystique! Ummm... hell-o!!!

  12. I'd like some full frontal Bateman please and thank you.

  13. I would so watch this....Tweet these fools..they'd be crazy not to jump on board!

  14. i would certainly help write and edit the script especially if I could get some alone time with that Jeremy London!!!! XXX P.S On a recent trip to Blackpool Pride I got all my friends saying #cuntdragon. I thought you would be amused with that!! x


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