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Mar 17, 2011

I'm a Cunt Dragon!

That's right; it's been decided. The other day Kris over at Pretty All True was expressing her love for the Urban Dictionary on her twitter and I thought, 'Oh Yeah, I love that site up, down and sideways!' I have referred to it on numerous occasions when people have said something and I would be feeling like I was 10 years too late to the prom. What the hell were they talking about? Urban Dictionary consistently has the answer for me. I always thought I was fairly articulate, but it's a whole new ball game out there and I'm sadly only on first base.

Wow, I haven't said that since I was 11. Waa-wuhh.

So, whether or not you've been following my recent predicament, it occurred to me that a certain someone has probably created a special word for me and I could only imagine what it could be... and then I was reminded about the UD and I had a scan around to broaden my vocabulary. If I may offer up a suggestion, I totally want to be called a Cunt Dragon! Please? Can I? Can I?

It's offensive with a splash of mythical grandeur, don't you think? Can I express my inner anger through my vagina? I suuuuure as hell can! I LOVE IT. It's a worthy insult to which I can be 100% satisfied with.

So, now that I have officially manged to profoundly insult someone on my blog and spark some heated conversation, does that mean I've finally made it? Do I win a prize? Well, if my site traffic spiking through the roof and my host provider emailing me to tell me I need to increase my monthly bandwidth allowance is deemed a prize, I'll gladly take that with tea and a biscuit!

And for any future offenses that I probably will may commit, please address your complaints to Lady Estrogen, A.K.A. Mrs Cunt Dragon. Thank you.


  1. Not Blessed Mama said...:

    hahaha! i especially like "buy cunt dragon mugs, tshirts and magnets".i was just thinking today how i really needed some new cunt dragon magnets!

  1. Just Jen said...:

    That is you alright! Me, too! WE ARE CUNT DRAGONS!!!

  1. Pamela Gold said...:

    I want a cunt dragon mug for my office. That'd be the shiz. You are now and forever Lady Cunt Dragon. It's almost as cool as Twat Waffle. Almost!

  1. Al Penwasser said...:

    But, are you a "fire-breathing" cunt dragon?
    That would be quite a trick coming from your britches, though.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    Oh, that made me laugh! Thanks :)
    It would be impressive, indeed. Sadly, my inner dragon is not that mature yet. I think they have to be of a certain age before they get their fire.

    @Pamela A mug, you say? DONE. LOL

  1. SAHMlovingit said...:

    Count me in for a Cunt Dragon mug please! I'd love to drink from that each morning.

    Jeez, how wrong did that sound?

  1. THUNDERCAT832 said...:

    lmfao cunt dragon!! lmao I wish I thought of that shit! At least I thought up booty-bubble ;)

  1. Erin Dawn said...:

    Cunt Dragon...that sounds pretty dreamy.

    I think you should design a cunt dragon for your header. That would be amazing.

  1. jillsmo said...:

    I'd like to be a cunt unicorn, instead. Can we make that happen?

  1. karen said...:

    I think I'm more of a Bitchzilla myself....that way I can breathe fire but not out of my nether regions. Still want the Cunt Dragon mug tho...might have to order me one of those. An lo and behold, Bitchzilla is in Urban Dictionary!!!!! SWEET!

  1. Widow_Lady302 said...:

    I need that on my panties for real...To replace my "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" ;-) RAWWWR ladies RAAAAWWRR!

  1. Soge shirts said...:

    Lol they say you learn something new every day. Thanks Lady Estrogen my vocab has increased by one. A very fun one.

  1. Poetic Justice said...:

    LMAO! Sign me up for a cunt dragon mug please, with an extra large logo. Perhaps all the annoying cunts I work with, won't bother me in the morning when they see it. I doubt anyone else would steal it out of the dishwasher either! LOVE it!

  1. Boobies said...:

    LMFAO! I gotta admit...I like it. Generally being called a cunt would be super offensive, at least for me...but a Cunt Dragon..that's a whole new level. I dig! ;)

  1. KD said...:

    Congrats on the new status. You're right...it's a worthy and admirable title :)

  1. KD said...:

    PS - who did you insult...you should email me the post link. I missed it.

  1. Mom Went Crazy said...:

    I'm totally going to call someone a cunt dragon tomorrow. I'm thrilled about it

  1. Kris said...:

    Ok, the word "cunt" is one I usually avoid.

    But you make it work. You so fucking do.

    I am delighted to have played a small role in your new fabulous name!


  1. Lady-Like said...:

    You're too funny!
    1. Pissing someone off through your blog is a monumental right of passage, so props for getting THAT out of the way!
    2. My vagina is withholding its inner angers and choosing to sulk - thus, I as potato bug. (you know - the kind that roll into a ball and play dead when you come near)
    3. You're the coolest cunt dragon on the planet.

  1. Carri said...:

    Great phrase to add to my already offensive vocabulary! I likey.

  1. If my husband ever sees the definition of "cunt dragon", he'll say, "That's you, baby! That's you!" (He'll say it in a sweet tone, so I won't be offended.) Poor man. But at least, I give him really good sex when I'm done bitching. So he still wins!

    This is my first time on your blog, and I must say I like your site! It's so cool that cunts are welcome here. ;)

  1. tbaoo said...:

    or maybe one that's "dragon" on the ground ?

  1. Alejandro said...:

    I want one! Preferably be called a Cunt Dragon as they are useful to a Cock Bandit!!!

    LOL you are awesome! Oh hang on was I just then a prick magnet?


  1. Cunt Dragon...yesss. I like it! I like it a lot! And you're right about Urban Dictionary. Has kept me from looking like a complete ass many times!

  1. SJ said...:

    I just got hummed down in the office for putting the wrong lid in the wrong bin - I so want one of those mugs :D just so everytime she looks at me I can raise it to her

  1. Jen said...:

    I now have 'puff the magic dragon' in my head but now I am singing 'cunt the magic dragon....'

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