Jun 27, 2011

What's a 4 Letter Word that Starts with C?

It's 'CAKE', you dirty birds...

OK, so it's 'cunt' as well; it's actually both today. Let's agree to call it a tie, shall we?

This weekend was fantastic and I want to take this time to thank all of you for your awesome comments from my latest installment of my Jeremy saga.

I promised one lucky comment-leaver a legendary Cunt Dragon Mug - and so I shall. The very, very lucky winner was comment #12, which happened to be Ms. Pamela Gold. Come on down and get your prize. Well, just email me, but you get the grandiose imagery I'm going for, right? TA-DAAAA!!! YA!

Yes, Pamela, I believe you DO owe me a tit, but luckily, I've already got 2 big ones, so I'll let you keep yours... for now. If for some reason I happen to lose one in a bizarre fishing accident or unfortunate jello wrestling injury, I'm totally going to hold you to it, ya here me?! Congratulations, anyway :)


This Monday's theme for MMMM is Bands/Singers with only 1 name. There were a few that came to mind, but CAKE... well, it just fit so nicely with my lovely C words of the day.

This video cracks me up as well. And, yes, it's the official video. Awesome.
"It's something a super girl or feminist would approve of, or somethin' like that... they're trying so hard to be important by being noisy." That weird dude rocks.



  1. Tattoo'd unemployed dude said it best... he would have stayed with his girl if she were more like the girl in the song...

    Wow. Always loved the band, always loved the song. But the vid? Just made it twenty times better.

  2. Is Gut Ya! But I miss ze rizing acshion!

    Haven't heard it in a long time and I like it...


  3. I suppose what's amazing is that there are so many people who are just like you around...

    i think i might be toooo old

  4. Some day, you will let me win something, damnit!

    Congratulations Pamela!

  5. Shit, I'm missing the rising action too!! (maybe if I'd been a little more like the girl in the song ....)

  6. Dammit! I needed that mug to go w/ my tote bag! Better luck next time I suppose. I'm still a cunt dragon in training anyways right? LOL! Not ready to give up a tit for it or anything else...I like my ladies too much for that :)

  7. Great video! Made me smile for sure. I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you. You come highly recommended by XmasDolly. I told her I had the day off so I'm visiting everyone, and she gave me a choice few to see first & you were on the list. Have a wonderful day! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  8. What a great Video! Oh, and I have never heard of Cake,learn something new every day!

  9. I LOVE this Cake song, it's on my MP3 and I lift to it.

    AND where do you find this shit? A video of people listening to Cake??

    I mostly loved that Brooke Wilson in the video is a flight attendant AND a nurse.


  10. Girlfriend, you so ROCK! My hubby knew who it was right away (show-off). The video Rocked! I laughed my butt off at some of those answers. What the hell was that German fella trying to say. LOL Thanks for playing along & hope to see you next week too! Take it light Sweetie! Have a great week!

  11. "Cunt": The nuclear weapon of marriage.
    Let's just hope we never have to use it.
    But, I wonder if I can call her "cake"? Think that would be okay?

  12. I've always liked Cake and always liked this song, but i never had any idea they did this for the video. Hilarious.
    And baby, I AM a girl with a short skirt and loooong jacket. ;-)


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