Mar 5, 2012

There's shit going on, yo!

I don't often do these "lots of shit in one post", but it's about that time again. Why? Because I've got lots to tell you. Little things that all make up one nicely wrapped post, like a delicious buffet, but without the salmonella, so even better!

On Thursday, I had my first post published over at In The Powder Room. It's good times over there - I highly recommend you check it out. Did I mention I'm discussing penises? Oh yes, how could I forget. I thought it was fitting for my initiation post. Ahem.


Secondly, I had a little link up last month. It really started out as a joke, so the fact that I actually got ANYONE to link up means I consider it a success.

It was in retaliation to all the annoying NoBloPoMo or whatthefuckever was riddled all over The Twitter for the entire month of November where you have to write a certain quota of words toward a novel (or some shit like that, I tried to tune it out). Anything where you're filling a quota of some sort that involves creativity really gets on my nerves. So, I had my fellow (awesomely warped) bloggers to link up for WWTFIFLF; definition on the badge. --->>

Anyhoozle, guess what? I can pick my nose and I can pick a winner, but sadly, I can't pick my winner's nose... which SUCKS, because I would be honored to pick Jill's nose. Wait, whut? She did enter twice, so maybe that improved her odds.

Congrats, Jillsmo! 

Visit my shop and tell me what the fuck you want and it's yours. YAY! Please try to contain your excitement to the end of the show. Thanks.


I also got a book in the mail last week. You may have heard of her - Scary Mommy? Oh, hell yes! I haven't had time to read it from cover to cover, but I have cracked the spine to read confessions such as:
"My kids know all the words to every Eminem CD."
"My kid was imitating me today. 'Slap my ass,' she yelled, and I suddenly realized I didn't imagine the figure in the doorway last night as my husband and I did the deed. OMG"
"My husband says I am his best friend...I love him, but friendship-wise, he doesn't even make my top-ten list."

And it goes on. It's so fabulous. I cannot wait until I can get all the voices in my head to stop screaming for a few hours so I can actually read it properly.

Thanks, Jill.
a.k.a. Scary Mommy


And finally, I've been meaning to post these for a while now, so I'm taking this opportunity to showcase them all at once. Whether you know already or not, I am a graphic designer. From 9-5 my job can be tedious as fuck, so I enjoy doing weird (often fantastically nerdy) designs for t-shirts, among other projects. I do have my shop, but those designs are directly relating to whoring out this blog. I have a few more general blog/social media designs that I give to Tim over at Sogeshirts. If you like any of them, please go have a visit and check out what he's got (which is a lot).

Here is a sampling of the ones I have done:

So, please go visit In the Powder Room and Sogeshirts, and tell them I sent you!

~ Love and smooches ~


  1. I love the graphics! And totally jealous of Jillsmo. I still have my mammo shirt, but I wants MOAR!!!

    Oh, and for some awkward animation by me, be sure to visit me Tuesday... I did a twitter preview earlier!

  2. My brain just exploded. Okay congratulations Jillsmo, now I want to read Scary Mommy's book, I love the Blogfodder one, and also I need your help. I can't figure out how the ^&*() to make a "grab my button" code and I REALLY tried.

    On my way to check out the Powder Room.

    I hope that it is something to sea ;)

  3. Ohhh, and Jill -
    If you'd prefer something from Sogeshirts, I'm sure I could arrange that too :)

  4. Love the Darth Vader one. :D

  5. I ain't no #followback girl?


  6. @Rebecca

    Yeah!! I think it's the Twitter bird shit that's the pièce de résistance on that one. lol

  7. So much fun stuff for a Monday morning! Yahoo for you!

  8. Wow, what are the odds??

    About 1 in 13, I'd say.


  9. Regarding the "Powder Room" took until about 8 or 9 years into our marriage for my wife to realize the reason my penis was so small in the winter was because cold (weather, water, etc.) causes penises to retreat.

    And I wasn't anywhere close to being her first guy, so you're not alone in not comprehending male anatomy

  10. I can not WAIT to read Jill's book - I have it on pre-order with Amazon. I loved the preview you gave. And the fact that @Jillsmo won something. This is my first time here but you must be awesome, just by the company you keep!

  11. @Dr. G

    Awwwe, well thank you! And yes, BOTH Jills are fabulous.


    You're claims at sucking at math are really true. You were TWO in 13... or 1 in 6.5. Wurd.

  12. Thankfully I am home alone today (well except for the pug sitting in the chair) because I laughed out loud several times. Thank you for jazzing up my Monday- I needed it!

  13. Hey you slut! Awesome stuff! Love all of the tee designs, I want all of them dude.

    Love and sloppy kisses!

  14. BWHAHAH I love the graphics.. especially the blogfodder ones I have a whole family I need to use that to remind them.. I have moved my address.. I will post it on my blog..

  15. hee hee hee... you and penises...

    Now I feel bad for not linking up with WWTFILF, but honestly, February was a sucky month for me. Dark, DAAAARK times, if y'know what I mean ;) Hmm... NOW I actually have an idea for what would make a great post for WWTFILF! Although it just happened, so that would make it March, not February... Whatever.

    Anyhoo... Love the I'm Your Fudder Darth Vader. Now I can't get rid of it outta my mind. I keep on hearing Darth Vader saying, I'm Your FUDDER, I'm Your FUDDER in my head. Oh shucks!

  16. Love the shirt designs - and your article at the Poweder Room was hell-arious. Thanks for the teeny peeny info!

  17. Your designs are awesome! I want that Ain't No #followback on a mug! Going over to read you at Powder Room now. You are really slutty getting all around lately!

  18. You have been one busy lady! Love your designs, especially the Gwen Stefani reference one. Congratulations on your post over at The Powder Room! On my way to check it out. :)

  19. Love the designs - congrats to Jillsmo. I ordered the SM book too, can't wait to read!

  20. I love your designs. Always have and always will.
    You're talented my friend.

  21. fabulous list -- may be fodder for my blog --> love it!
    going to sneak into the powder room when no one is looking

  22. Thanks, everyone :)


    Yeah, that whole follow back thing annoys the living fuck out of me. Follow me? Cool, thanks. I'll check you out, and if your profile & last few tweets seems up my alley, then I'll follow back, but that's about it!


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