Mar 26, 2012

My (Not So) Deep Thoughts

I've wanted to catch up by doing one of these even more narcissistic posts that shamelessly intertwines my twittersphere with the blogsphere, so I'm finally getting around to it - mostly because I'm so gawd damn excited about the Vibration Studio moving in 2 blocks from my house that I can't think of anything else! However, I'm going to go by popular demand, rather than my personal favorites (which are, to my surprise, very different). I'm sure this would explain why I'm usually laughing at myself, by myself... but whatever.

These are the top ten of the most very deep thoughts and/or observations that I have produced over the last little while. Jack Handey? More like Hack Shmandy, am I right?

Just kidding.

I love you, Jack.

The scary thing is when I just read these back to myself as a single, scattered train of thought, 
I couldn't help but become increasingly self aware that... yup, this is me, all summed up.

I'll keep this post in mind for future reference if I ever need to do a summarized evaluation 
character sketch on myself.

My brain deserves a slow clap.


Hey! I'm also In The Powder Room, talking about little boy penises again. Total coincidence, I swear. Come over and send some comment love for the quirky mommy version of me.

She's kind of nuts too, hence referring to myself in the third person.


  1. I have a theory as to why Tiger sucks so bad now (although he did win yesterday). I figure it has to be impossible to golf all day with that horrible rash he must have on his penis rubbing all day. He must have finally gotten a good ointment, hence yesterday's win.

  2. And those little gems are exactly why I follow you on Twitter. And when I say follow, I mean stalk. I hope you don't mind!

  3. @Anna

    I just think he's so distracted thinking about sex so much that he just couldn't get into "the zone" -- that, and the rash, probably.

    @Random Girl

    Stalk away, darling. Stalk away.

  4. What's wrong with a random tug now and then?

  5. Totally nothing wrong with it. I didn't even flinch.

    But I find I need something a tiny bit sexy if I'm watching TV. I'll use Grey's Anatomy sometimes, hell, I think I've even used Grand Designs (house porn)... but I'd never use, say, Modern Family or Glee. That's just weird, even for me.

  6. Nothing wrong with choosing the vibrator over the toy truck. lol.

  7. The Beyonce one is my favorite. I need to waste more time on twitter so i can catch more of your deepness. I miss you, fool!

  8. The Beyonce one is my favorite. I need to waste more time on twitter so i can catch more of your deepness. I miss you, fool!

  9. Dolphin clapping for you and your brain!

    I very much identified with each item on your list with the exception of the cookie... I'm more of "open beer free game" kind of gal.

  10. @Leigh Ann


  11. I feel like we're living parallel lives.


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