May 30, 2011

I'm So Effin' Versatile

First thing's first.
My STD link-up has reached 20 blogs! Ahh, lovely - it's spreading nicely, I see.
The stories have been awesome. I've enjoyed reading all of them, truly. I haven't had one single regret about spreading this disease diploma around to all my nearest and dearest.

I promised I would give away some loot - and since I like round numbers, I think reaching 20 is a good place for me to exhibit some generosity, so....

Karen, from Life is a highway...and there are potholes - you were #2 and my trusty random generator has made you the first chosen one! You have won a "Rock My Blog" tote bag. Twitter DM or email me your deets, you lucky bitch! Yay!


Second thing's second.
I've been slack about this acceptance - and it's NOT because it's not appreciated; it totally is.
Thank you to MultitaskingMumma, Blissfully Domesticated, Lost in Idaho and there was one more. If it's you, let me know - I'm so sorry!

Here is where I am supposed to list 7 things about myself. Pssst. They might not all be true - I'm in THAT kind of mood.

1. I once had a boyfriend's mother ask me how good her son was in the sack.
2. I made my television debut when I was 16; I got interviewed for a charity bike ride in great length, but it was 98% edited out. The only part that made it on air was "Sheep! I've never seen so many sheep!" I wasn't impressed.
3. I have had a real STD.
4. I hate onions; I find them unnecessary and repugnant.
5. I could very likely eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting, but since I'm not a male, I have not attempted to prove or disprove this claim.
6. I threw up on a ferris wheel all over the people in the bucket below.
7. I went on Drop Zone at 2am while peaking on mushrooms - it was fucking awesome.

And guess what? I'm being a bitch and not passing it on. Suck it! I'm keeping it for myself. I only like passing on STDs. Besides, I think everyone's already got it. Just TRY and get the blogger police to take me away - you'll never find me. I'm like Osama Bin Laden. Ah, fuck. That doesn't work anymore, does it? I can't really say Waldo either, because I was awesome at finding that little ugly bastard. Well... anyway... you get the idea.


Third thing's third.
I'm guest posting over at Boobies, Babies & A Blog. It's about an awesomely stupid conversation I had with my drama queen husband recently than involves a foreshadowing of our son becoming addicted to internet porn, amongst other things... as ya do. Check it out :)


  1. Wow, good things come in 3's I guess.

    Except for boobs, that'd just be weird.

  2. and a side note: I'm singing "life is a highway" by Rascal Flatts now...yes, the Rascal Flatts version is my favorite. :)

  3. Yay for STDs!

    I'd really like to see that TV debut of yours...

    Read your guest post - HILARIOUS!

  4. Hurrah for the spreading of STDs....sorry I've not spread mine, I have so many memes sat in my drafts folder it's untrue.

    Also sorry I've been a bit slack on your blog the last few days. The rotten appendage is my MIL. Just so's you know.


  5. Did I read internet porn?! Where?!

  6. Yay!!
    I know that was hard for you.
    I too hate onions, useless stinky things.
    Drop zone freaks my freak

  7. Read you over at Boobie's place. Totally Whoolly !!

  8. @Alison
    It was truly embarrassing. Kids "baaaa'ed" at me for fuckin' weeks at school.

    Ohh, Drop Zone is crazy shiznit! Also extreme flyer - but I did that one sober. I thought if I did bungee jumping whilst on substances, I might have actually blown a circuit or two. LOL

    Whoolly, indeed! Silly dramatic husband. Thanks for visiting!

  9. coming over from boobies.. your hella funny... now im off to find the follow button :)

  10. groasss...ive never had an std

  11. @Bart
    Does it help that over 75% of Canadians have had it? No? O well.
    It might not be true anyway.

    YAY! Welcome ;)

  12. "I've never seen so many sheep" hahahaha i threw up on a carnival ride also, horrible and embarrassing. The guests waiting in line all moaned in unison when the door of my cage opened and my stomach contents poured out onto the ground. yuckS!

    your hilarious my Lady

  13. I'm not a fan of onions myself :D

  14. Dood. No way did your bf's mom ask how her son was in bed and no way did you barf while on a ferris wheel. Right? Please say it isn't so. Ha ha :)

  15. I suck at this stuff...i haven't answered yours...or 6 other ones ...

  16. I like your attitude!

    You threw up on those poor people below you on the ferris wheel? Did they try to kill you when you get off? Maybe you were able to get off first and run away fast?

    Thanks for hanging out on my blog some lately! I love seeing your sassy self there!

  17. I like your attitude!

    You threw up on those poor people below you on the ferris wheel? Did they try to kill you when you get off? Maybe you were able to get off first and run away fast?

    Thanks for hanging out on my blog some lately! I love seeing your sassy self there!

  18. I'm so excited! I win I win I win! I never win any damn thing! Yay me!

    "I never seen so many sheep"...I could swear you were on the shrooms then - not at the carnival ride. Come on...fess up! LOL!

    Love ya...yer hilarious!

  19. I think the STD spreading is kinda hard to top the V blogger doesn't really cut it the same way although if you cut it as a V maybe that might work :)

    Awesome that you got awarded though - kudos where it is due, yes there is a shed load of them floating about but hell still not everyone has one - gotta count for something


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