May 23, 2011

Hello, Hello Monday

Firstly, THEE most exciting thing happened last week! Was it the Rapture? Fuck no; even better! The awesome guys at @wesingyourtweet picked one of my tweets to sing. I felt like it was Christmas, my birthday AND winning a lifetime achievement award all rolled into one big fat emotion. Good times. Check it out:

Now, back to Monday's business.

I haven't yet paid any homage to one of my most favourite females, Poe. What's going on? I know; I must be slipping. There are so many songs that she has written that really affected me in such profound ways - and also for some for more lighter reasons. (Check out I'm Not A Virgin Anymore - it won't let me embed it but it's kinda like my theme song!) For whatever the reason, many of her words got me through many dark days. She hasn't published anything in a decade.

Poe! I miss you.

Music Monday


  1. I want a platinum blonde wig now.

    Like, now. I will wear it to work. I will sing to people. It will be awesome.


  2. Love the tweet song! That is so cool! I want one!

    I hadn't heard Poe before, but she has a very Chrissy Hynde sound to her voice. Thanks for sharing her!

  3. Lady E,
    Just when I have thought they couldn't come up with anything new. I am his with a surprise. Good job my lady

  4. Wow, your tweet song was sung! That's really neat-o. I haven't heard of Poe before, either. This fun meme has introduced me to some new artists and that's so cool.

    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's post ...
    I Love 80s Music!

  5. Yay for resweets!

    Poe has a gorgeous voice.

  6. That tweet song was awesome. And Poe? Awesome as well. Saw her years and years ago when this song came out.

  7. That is so cool that your song was sung.

    Haven't heard Poe before, but pretty cool.

  8. I haven't heard Poe in ages but used to really like them..the tweet song was cool. Happy MMMM!

  9. How cool was that tweet song!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

  10. It's really the little things that mean so much! lol

    Thanks everyone :)

  11. OMG the Tweet song was awesome! :)

    I'd not heard of Poe before - love her voice! :)

    The World Didn't Come to an End, So Let's Enjoy Some Music!

  12. I was giddy at your tweet song!!!

  13. Love love love the tweet song...

    Havent heard of Poe before, off to do deep dive philosophical musical research, aka Google, right now!

  14. How the heck did you get them to do that?
    Do I need to tweet directly to them?
    It was your boobs wasn't it?
    I knew it.

  15. Hi! Following you from the Monday blog hop! I Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
    - Jessica @

  16. @Leighann
    The boobs help; I cannot deny it. HA!

    I'm so glad you were giddy ;)

  17. FKING AWESOME #jealous Those guys are awesome and the one in front looks like my dad in 1976. Me next!!

  18. The tweet song is pretty damned cool...

  19. That tweet song was awesome. Too bad you weren't dancing in the background for it.

  20. Hi there,
    I stopped by from the Monday's Music Moves Me Blog Hop and I'm following you via GFC. Do stop by...
    Have a great week!

  21. I love how these guys are doing what they set out to do: make people happy.

  22. I'm bowing down to your greatness!! I want these cats to sing for me! Awesomeness.

  23. Great header, speaks loud and clear. Love your pick today. :-)

    How to import blog posts to Facebook Page

  24. Oh. Em. Gee. That is pure awesomeness right there! I want one of my tweets sung!

  25. Wow... I've never heard of Poe before but she ROCKS!

  26. @Classic NYer
    Yeah, she totally rocks! I really do miss her; wish she'd come back with some new stuff one day.

    It was pure awesomeness, eh? Just tweet them... begging helps too, I found. LOL

  27. SO totally awesome - I have for once nothing else to say x


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