May 27, 2011

I'm a Gawd Damn Do-Gooder

I haven't ever really pimped anything on my blog yet. Subversive plugs for my Estro-goodies? Well, perhaps. But this post is exclusively for a product with an ulterior motive.

My mother, like so many women around the world, is a breast cancer survivor. She had a "special" tumor! (please say that in a Schwarzenegger circa Kindergarten Cop kind-of-way) We were told there was enough cancer to kill 12 grown men and yet, it was entirely contained. She didn't even require chemotherapy. To this day, her tumor travels around the world, working the medical conference circuit in a pickle jar.
I think that is macabrely awesome!

Anyway, my mother does the Walk to End Women's Cancer every year. Me? Never. As much as I love my mother and am so proud of her, I cheer from the side lines. I'm a side lines kinda girl... holding my coffee and donut. OK, fine.. donutssss.
BUT! And it's a big big, truly. What I CAN do is support her and get others to support her and the cause; it's the least I can do.

I have created 3 t-shirts, to which I got inspired from @LLA_Princess's mammography photo she posted last week on Twitter. I've never liked the tops you can get to support breast cancer before - I find them tacky. There's a fine line between kitsch and tacky; I like to stay on the cool side of kitsch, thank you very much!

If you buy one, all my profits will go directly to the Women's Cancer Charity. Here are the goods! The 3rd one is exactly like the black one - just in a Plus size.

So, please take care of your boobs; book your mammogram!
And if you can? Buy a t-shirt!


You love your boobs; I love your boobs... We've so much in common!


  1. I am a guy but I wholeheartedly endorse looking after your boobies! :D

  2. Tumor in a jar? Isn't that kinda like Stephen King's jarred heart that resides on his desk? Creepy, yet totally amazing that they could get it all out--congrats to your Mum for being cancer free.

    Save the boobs is noble cause--dig the shirt--nice job.


  3. @Nom De Plume
    Yes! Coming from a guy's perspective, it really is a win-win when they are healthy :)

    Thanks!! Glad you like!

  4. Great shirt! Great cause!

  5. Yay for your Mom, so happy for her!!

    Cool shirts for sure! I love creativity!

    Reminds me, I need to schedule my first ever mammo, I turned 40 this's time!!!


  6. Love the design a lot! U did a great job on it. I have a friend whose cancer is back for a 3rd time. First time she had a lumpectomy and chemo, second time she had a double masectomy and chemo and radiation, now it is back - brand new cancer and she's starting chemo again so it's important that people DONATE DONATE DONATE! Also, GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS! My friend's cancer was caught on a mammogram 4 years ago so it is tre importante people!

  7. @Karen
    Thank you for the support!! It is très, très importante :)

    Whoa! Yes, go now! My mother's lump was found when she was 35.

    And thank YOU for posting your photos to your mammogram!

  8. Hey there! I'm new to your blog (found you on Studio 30+) .... Dude, good for your mom! I myself just had a scare. I found a small lump under my arm. Dermatologist sent me for a mam, so thankful it was nothing. The fear I had that day alone, I gotta tell you. My x-boyfriend's aunt just passed at like age 60 from stage 4 (I think) breast cancer, she was too fearful to get her mammograms done.

  9. What about a guy's one?

    "Ladies, check your boobies" with the Mammo on the back? Or something?

    I'd buy one.

  10. @Ally
    Thank you for sharing!! I love your blog stories :)

    Taglines for you: Boobie Fan / PLC: Professional Lump Checker / I was a mammogram in a previous life. / I Heart Your Boobs

  11. Great idea and a great thing to do. My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor as well, so it's definitely a cause that is personal in nature for me.
    Here's to good health and high fashion!
    ugh, blogger is acting up. this is SaucyB btw

  12. GOOO LE's MOM!!!

    Super cute shirts - love them!

    On another note - your mom's tumor (said in Kindergarten Cop voice) gets to do more traveling than I do... lame = me.

  13. Bravo friend.
    Off to tweet this shit out

  14. I would love to support this cause when I get some extra dough that is. I wrote a few posts on breast cancer, my sister was diagnosed with it and died 3 days later then 2 months later the doctor decides to put lung cancer on her death certificate...go figure. Anyway, I am so relieved to hear your mom had a "special tumor" and is still with you. Cancer is a terrible way to lose anyone.

  15. Awesome tees and great cause, Lady E!

  16. very cheeky, but a great idea to raise awareness


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