Mar 11, 2011

Oh Boy, I Love Cherries!

I think it's about time for something on the lighter side, eh? Hooo-lee Crap!

Thank you to my sexy friend over at Twisted Fate Rockin' Mama for bestowing upon me with this cute award. Cheers, hooker! Sorry, I wasn't able to get around to it until now, so deal with it.

Of course, with this award comes a few other duties, apart from thanking the giver of the award. Hey Rockin' Mama, I know how much you like being a giver!

List 3 things you love about yourself:
My eyes, my sense of humor & my creativity.

Post a picture that I love:
I took this when we were in Paris a few years ago and I recently did some Photoshopping to it to add some drama.

Pass this on to 5 other bloggers that also have that little bit extra!
How about 3? That's how many I want to do right now; suck it.
After Nine to Five
Strawberry Freckles
My Inner Pin-Up

I love these ladies and their beautiful blogs!

I've been long over-due for a Fawk You Friday, but I'm thinking I'll just build it all up for next week and let it all rip. Things are still a tad too raw to open that Pandora's Box today; I need a break ;)


  1. Congratulations. I have mentioned your blog in my latest post. I am so glad to have found your blog - LOVING IT :D

  2. OH I hear you on the raw but I am doing it on my ahem other blog.. I can vent there and none of my family reads it.. love that pic and am a teensy bit jealous you have been there

  3. sorry to hear you're feeling raw lately. me too. i've got to do some serious writing later today when i can breathe again. probably a different reason than your sad, but sad just the same.
    love that pic you posted.

  4. LOL.. I love how youre always all.. Eh- you say 9.. how about 5 and spli tthe difference!




  5. I'm your newest follower! Please feel free to follow me back at

  6. I got my cherry popped!! :D hehehe...LoL
    I'm totally gonna check out those other pages. they gotta be awesome if you like 'em!

  7. Love the photoshop technique you used on that photo. looks great.

  8. Great photo. Not happy to hear your feeling raw - will have to catch up on some blog spots. Take care x

  9. Congrats, Lady! You deserve it cuz your blog rocks!

  10. I'm glad I found you though now I can't remember exactly how--i've spent the past hour or so tooling around on your site. Can't wait to read more!


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