Mar 2, 2011

The Sound of Urchin

I think one of the best music memories I have is from 2000-2001. I went to see Tenacious D at the ‘Kool Haus’, in Toronto. The opening band was ‘The Sound of Urchin’. I heard about this band in the #Ween forums. Typically, if you liked Ween, you liked The Sound of Urchin. I looked them up on the Internet and watched their live sets (videos) before the concert to check out if they were any good; they were awesome.

Finally the day of the concert came. Tenacious D was hilarious, imagine that. The Sound of Urchin took centre stage and played their energetic set with all their heart and soul; it was fan-flippping-tastic!

After the show, my friend Ashley and I headed out the side entrance. We bumped into the singer/drummer of the Sound of Urchin. ‘Awesome Kiss T-shirt!’ he commented to Ashley. Immediately, he pointed to his shirt; he was wearing a Kiss T-shirt too. We shared a laugh and then he asked us if we wanted to join their band’s mailing list. We said “Sure!” he handed us a pen and paper and we wrote our names and email addresses down on this piece of paper.

Soon, I was receiving e-mails from the band with their updates, photos, videos and contests. I entered one of their e-mail contests and lost. BUT, they e-mailed me back and asked for my mailing address. I gave them my dorm address, thinking... meh; it’s just my dorm address and forgot about it. A few weeks later a package arrived for me at the front desk of my dorm. I LOVE packages! Quickly, I opened it like it was a million dollar cheque. Inside the package were two CDs. One CD was all ghetto in a plain paper sleeve with ‘Toronto Concert’ written on it in black permanent marker. The other CD was a sampler with one song by The Sound of Urchin.

I couldn’t believe it! The band mailed me a copy of the concert I saw them at earlier in the year. The Sound of Urchin boys took the time to burn and mail me a copy of the concert at their own expense. What a great Rock’n Roll memory!

By: Michelle Françoise


  1. New follower from mid week mingle blog hop!
    Awesome blog!

    Come say hi!

  2. that's cool! i love getting packages in the mail. funny how something so simple can feel so meaningful for the recipient.

  3. WOW! Cool, that is what you call being loyal to your fans! great post michelle!

    Steph. I have your button in my possession to whore you out on my button love page. You're welcome :o)

  4. Tenacious D were so much fun live :)
    Thanks for submitting your story! Love you, you saucy bitch! Michelle is a personal friend of mine; we went to college together and we often think we were separated at birth - except for the fact that she's part French, but nobody's perfect. LOL. xx

  5. Super jealous here. I'd love to see Tenacious D!

  6. Lady Estrogen,
    We may have been separated at birth... luckily, I was the favourite and they kept me. ;)

  7. very, very cool. right now I'm obsessed with a band called Fitz and the Tantrums. I'm determined to see them live the next time they are in the NYC area.

  8. That is so cool that they send you that package! I have never heard of Ween but love Tenacious D. Never seen them live tho. Thank you for sharing this great memory with us!


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