Mar 7, 2011

I know you're a cannonball

I find it amusing that the first 'official' post after my exhausting (yet awesome) February Music Month happens to have music in it. Oops! Deal with it. If you missed any, you can click here to go to the entire list, all perfectly filleted out for you. How's that for organization? OK, so maybe it's not that special, but at least I've impressed myself. It seems as though this is the most organized thing in my life at the moment.

Be sure to check me out over at Almost There today, hosted by the ever-lovely SJ (@sazzim). I've sure spread my legs around blogger town this past week, however entirely coincidental that they were all published so close together. No matter, I've been enjoying writing some different guest posts that would otherwise not quite fit my own M.O. on here. It was the least I could do after all my fantastic submissions came in for Music Month! If you missed any of my other posts, please check out my Whoring Myself Out page.

You give? I give back.
I like giving.
I have a friend with the last name Head.
Her nickname in high school was Gives.
True story!
...but I digress.

Finally, it's time for Monday's Music Moves Me, hosted by XmasDolly. I've enjoy doing these and will aim to do these once a month. I can't make any promises beyond that - I know myself too well. This week's theme is Women Only - um, hello? Not a problem! One of the all-time greatest rockin' chick songs is Cannonball by The Breeders. It was hilarious when I finally saw this video because they were NOTHING what I had envisioned in my mind for them to look like. I think I like them even more now that I know they are average slightly edgy moms that know how to jam. Breeders, indeed; it's not just a clever name, then!

The bass guitar in this song? Oh, that bass guitar! It sure takes me back to some great high school sex, baby! Oh yeah, 100%! We'll have to forgive them for having a male drummer; Meg White would have only been 19 when this came out, still working out her shit ...although I believe she's available now!

Beir-ner-na-ner-ner!  Beir-ner-na-ner-ner! 



  1. I've never heard that before - but I sure enjoyed it! :)

    Effen Perfect - MMMM

  2. Cool song! Love it! And I love the new look around here, fantastic!

  3. Thanks for making me aware of this amazing song Lady E...I'd never heard it before *hangs head in shame* xx

  4. OMG I LOVE this song! Didn't know who it was by though! Thanks for posting! :-)

  5. I haven't heard this in such a LONG time! Thanks for the flashback! I also didn't know who the band was that did this song, just remembered that bass's one that sticks with ya. Awesome!

  6. I'll tell you ever since I've started this meme I'm sure getting a broader range in my music box I'll tell ya! Never heard of this one either, but it's too cool. TWINS! haha Cool! Interesting video I must say! Have a good one, and next week's theme is a Freebie, so you can post whatever you like. Remember if it's not for the family too see, please warn at the beginning of your Post, so the reader can make their own decision to play it now or later! ROCK ON MY FRIEND

  7. I must say I never heard of this group before, looks like a fun group. I am having a fun day today, meeting so many new female vocalists.

  8. of course i love this song. why we were not friends as teenagers? if only we'd had the internet back then, in the dark ages....
    (well, some people did, but i didn't!)

  9. That was fun!
    My first time with this one too!
    Glad you joined with us today.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Aloha! :)

  10. I used to love this song and still love The Breeders. Did you know they are still together and toured in 2010 - The Breeders had broken up in 1995 but reformed in 2001. There is a great video of their 2009 song "From Fate To Fatal" on their Myspace Page


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