Mar 21, 2011

I'm Not Perfect

It's about that time when I have to promote another one of my rockin' Canadian bands, Hedley. The lead singer/pianist Jacob Hoggard got his big break by being in Canadian Idol, but I try not to hold that against him. If he had won, it would have been game over. Luckily, he placed 3rd - high enough to get noticed but not high enough to become a douche! Anyhow, I think their lyrics, vocals and instrumental abilities are fantastic.
"I'm not perfect
But I keep trying
Cause that's what I said
I would do from the start
I'm not alive if I'm lonely
So please don't leave
Was it something I said
Or just my personality"



  1. This is really good - thanks for that. Never heard of them before x

  2. Great song and the video is amazing.
    It's quite interesting how you mention that it's good for Jacob Hoggard to not win the idol.
    Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe if he won the first place, his head might become too big to think about his own work and career. Just saying.

    Thanks for stopping by at my place and following. I'll do the same here.

  3. Have you ever watched Big Love on HBO? He reminds me of Albie. But I won't hold that against him either.

    P.S. Word verification word is DUISH...almost douche...HA!

  4. This was a great choice Lady!!! I love this song!

    Hope you're having a good Monday!

  5. Nice song. Just visiting from Monday Mingle. See you already a follower.

  6. See being over in the UK I miss all this so thank you for sharing it - love it!

  7. New to me and I really like it! Will be adding to my playlist!!

  8. Rock on honey!

    Glad you shared with us!


  9. As they say in Spain (and Miami): "Muy bien." Or, as they say in French: "Tres bon." Or, as they say in Maine: "Wicked good." Or, as they say in New Jersey: "You lookin' at me!?" (I'm not sure what that last one means. But, I'm kinda scared.

  10. truth in lyrics....gotta love it!

  11. I love Hedley. We actually walked down the aisle to one of their songs :)


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