Jan 25, 2012

Hangover Square - Premiere!

It's here. It's finished. 
Hell yeah!
I am so proud to present the video that has been a long haul coming. I couldn't be happier with it! The first (second, third... eighth) time I viewed the first cuts, I totally may have wept. Oooh, yes. I really enjoyed directing and seeing what I had envisioned when I wrote this actually come into fruition. It's almost surreal and I love it.

When I first got the idea, I knew exactly what song I had in mind, and Kevin Quain (writer of the song) was utterly amazing to let me not only use it, but to take full creative rein over the production. Michelle Rumball's interpretation of Kevin's song is both heart-breaking and beautiful.

AJ Leitch, who shot and edited the majority of the video is a gawd damn genius. And my actors, Mara Finn and Nathan Kyght rocked my world and gave me lady wood, for real. Tina and The Cameron House were so gracious in allowing me to use their places. Everyone really came through for me and I'll be forever grateful for that.

And yes, look out for my shameless, yet highly strategic Lady E product placement. AHEM.

If you enjoyed it, PLEASE spread the word so it can get the exposure that I believe it deserves.

Without further adieu, I present Hangover Square, performed by Michelle Rumball.



  1. Mara. HOT. You need to break yourself off a piece of that.

    And the vid? Amazing. Thanks for asking me to glance at it before you posted it, it was an honor to give you my feedback.

    YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LADY E SHIRTS READY TO BE MERCHANDIZED!!! This is gonna (hopefully) make you some cash.

    And what kind of epic name is Rumball? I'm ready for Christmas all over again.


    1. Thanks, Brandon!
      And don't worry, the Lady E merch is ready to go ;)
      I am usually prepared for these types of things. Haha.

  2. I LOVED it! Sexy, haunting and heartbreaking . . . oh so familiar a feeling.

  3. Smexie as hell and awesome product placement! I would totally wear that pink shirt!! :D

  4. This also might be my record for most hyperlinks in a single post. Yay!

  5. Holy hot chemistry batman!! Those two could set the room on fire! Perfect casting on that. And the song is beautifully performed as well. Excellent work Lady E! This may just have to be my featured "Soft-Core Friday" video this week! Oh, and I need that pink T-shirt ASAP!

  6. Evocative, wistful...lovely. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  7. Whoa! Loved the song...that voice left me with a haunted, sad inside feeling. Hot acting! Thanks!

  8. fantastic!! where's the link to put it on my Facebook??

  9. There's no comment I can leave that will tell you how fantastic this is. I'll be sharing it. You can count on it.

  10. Yay! You can use the YouTube URL and it will embedded in the Facebook wall post -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Phr558Y5k

  11. Absolutely LOVED it! The song is amazing and the video is just wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Nathan and Mara rocked it, I'm getting goosebumps just talking about it. I will definitely be playing this a few times today. And tomorrow. And....well you get the idea. Great great job!

  12. This is AMAZING!! I love the song, the singer, the editing, the fluidity, the timing, everything. Teared up a little!

  13. This was heart stopping!
    So so so amazing!I can't believe the effect that had on me!
    WOW dude!

  14. I need a Lady E tee and Cunt Dragon mug of course and yay you did and awesome job.

  15. You already knew I loved it, so...

    Excuse me, now I need some alone time in some dark corner to just bawl and cry my eyes out ;)



  16. Really breathtaking. I don't have high speed at home but waited for it to load so I could watch it twice! Great job. Looking forward to more.

  17. Genius.

    Not enough of a word.
    I need another word.

    You quiet little humble woman you.

    If I was capable of PULLING this kind of emotion with my work, you can bet I'd be a twitter ho about it.


    So beyond tears, lovely, heart rendering.
    Takes me to a new place, or an old place...I haven't been to in ages.

    How many other ways can I say THANK YOU for the moment back in time, and back into myself...the lost me...

  18. I've been wondering if I missed this. It was a long time coming- and it's amazing! Congratulations. Blown away. You did great!

  19. Wow!!!!

    This is amazing! Way to go!!

  20. Love it!!! Love love love. The song was beautiful and so was the video! Great job, lady! xo

  21. The video itself... I was in awe. It held me the whole time & not many do. Between what was going on, and the words to the song & putting them together & finally getting it. It was absolutely fantastic. Girl, you so have the gift. Look let me help you get some exposure. You know I run "Monday's Music Moves Me" & tomorrow's theme is Broadway tunes, but you go ahead & sign our linky & tell them I personally said you could share this fantastic talent with us. I'll also give the go-ahead in a comment. At least that will be 25 or 30 (hopefully more) checking out your amazing talent. CONGRATS GIRL! You so have the eye and the head for it & don't let anyone else tell you different. I'm so proud to even say I know you. You go girl hugzzzzzz. Dolly

  22. I finally got a chance to sit down in the quiet and watch/listen to this thing. AMAZING!!! The song is hauntingly beautiful....I love this artist, and want her CD now btw. Your video marries with the song just beautifully! I am so happy for you sweetie! You really did a great...no WONDERFUL job with this and I am just so proud of you!

  23. I love it, it's awesome! ktb xxo xxo

  24. I think I'll share this soon. On the dirty Facebook no less. You should mentally prepare yourself for at least 10 more views. Make sure your server has the bandwith available too.


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