Dec 26, 2011

Sweaty... what?

Guess who had a birthday?

Here's to also wishing everyone a fabulous holiday.  See? Birthday AND festive wishes in the same post - I'm a mutherfucking cheapskate, right? Deal with it, yo! (Yes, I mean you... and you, but not you.)

I will be currently experiencing a severe meltdown, as it is my very first year hosting both Christmas and Boxing Day dinners. Pray for my family that I don't poison them all, because, really, they're probably fucked.

Photo Source: The Feisty Goat Pub


  1. O...M...*toot*...G...

    *toot* *toot* *toot*


    *still speechless*


    Seriously, you are one sick biatch, ya know that?!? And I love you SO! Thank you, girlfriend. I feel so sweaty now ;)

  2. I think it's an armpit. I'm going with that.

    Happy Birthday!?

    I'm sure your Christmas Dinner was great. And Boxing Dinner too...whatever the hell that is.

  3. Armpit is not what I was thinking but if that's what you want us to believe I will go with that. One things for sure that armpit needs a trim.

  4. Yay, sweaty vagina!

    Happy Birthday!
    I really hope you & your box survived the holidays.


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