Dec 14, 2011

Subway Lovin'

My old stomping ground not only made headlines yesterday, it went viral, yo!
Should I be proud? Probably not, since it was caused by two feral scrags deciding to do some skin slappin' on the subway... at 2.30 on a Sunday afternoon, no less. At first, I was thinking that it was 2.30 in the morning, not that it would excuse their obviously high class behavior, but it's slightly more logical if it was late at night and they thought no one was watching.

Two fucking thirty post meridiem.
Drunk as skunks.
And humping like rabbits.

And by gawd, I was laughing so hard. What a fucking tragic spectacle.Yes, that was my subway stop for many years.
Good ol' Spadina Station. That's my girl!

{source: Toronto Sun}

According to the report, they started on the subway and then after initial complaints from passengers, they got off (pardon the pun) at Spadina and finished on the platform. 

It's not porn, but surely NSFW. The best part is the transit worker just standing right beside them, and they are almost completely oblivious to their surroundings. They were arrested and have undergone a psychiatric evaluation. YA THINK?

I'm all for some fun and sexy times, but really... 


  1. Shit! I thought no one was watching. I promise it won't happen again.

  2. It's confirmed. My life really IS boring.

    On the other hand, what the *toot* were they thinking? Oops, forgot they WEREN'T thinking.

  3. am i a perv if i admit that i love that they didn't stop once getting *caught* ???

    although i suspect getting *caught* was the whole point!

  4. @Cyn



    No. I would assume these two don't really think all that often, even on a good day.

  5. bleh! do they have any idea whats on those subway floors?? O.o

  6. i've been horny in some strange places, but couldn't they just settle for some handsies under coats til they got somewhere more appropriate? good grief!

  7. What I want to see is the 30 minutes that came before this event. How much alcohol? Do they know each other? Where did she get that jacket?

  8. Maybe this explains all the delays on the TTC.

  9. The trains were delayed by 20min or so. Haha.

  10. Some time you feel like a hump...

    Some times you don't.

  11. I don't even wanna do it on my house let alone a subway

  12. I was in Toronto back in June and I must have missed this. If I knew that they had shows in the subway, then I may have taken it more frequently.


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