Dec 21, 2011

It's the thought that counts, not the nuts.

This is a semi-Wordless Wednesday. I say 'semi' because it's almost impossible for me to NOT crap on about something, even just a lil'bit. I have mentioned my 90 year old grandmother before when she gave me a sewing machine, but since Christmas is all about family and crap, I thought I would share with you the gifts that I have received from her this year... because they are pretty darn fantastic.

My first installment landed me this.

That is actually my Sharon, Lois & Bram cassette. I have no fucking idea where she found it. 
Then, I got another bag of goodies on Sunday that topped it off, and now my cup runneth over.

I like to think there's an ink bomb inside that will go off if I open these bags.

I don't believe this photo does the shape and size of these slippers justice.
I'm pretty sure my pug can fit into the top one like a sleeping bag.
They. Are. Rockin.

Thanks, Grandma. If nothing else, you're keeping it interesting!


  1. Those are awesome! I especially like the slippers. Seriously, who doesn't need warm, fuzzy knitted slippers?

  2. I'd rather get trail mix than the gift cards I get from MY grandma...

    Oh wait, no I wouldn't...

  3. My nan always said that she would buy/make gifts that she always wanted but never got. I think your nanna is giving you super huge hints on what she wants this year :)

  4. oh I forgot to add I actually love pistachio's but they are so damn expensive here so feel free to post them my way XD

    Happy Christmas hunni have a fab one.

  5. Aww... I like your grandma. She's got spunk.

  6. Your Grandma gives awesome gifts...especially those slippers! Have you played your cassette tape yet? Do you even own a device to play it on?

  7. Grandmas rock!! Did you Grandman make those slippers? If so, that makes them even more amazing. :)

  8. Now that's a whole lotta nuts! lol.

  9. @Fox

    Yes, she made them. And seriously, I think I can fit my dog in the top one. lol

    She also does mitts, but ONLY right hands.

  10. I love that your grandma found your cassette and then sent it to you. So you could presumably listen to it while eating pistachios.

  11. Now if only I could find a cassette player...

  12. Omg. First the Sharon Lois and bram tape!
    That's tits!
    We go way back.
    Then the slippers!! A dying craft!

  13. A cassette wow that reminds me of my dad who went out to buy some new cassette by whoever and they told him yeah we don't carry cassettes anymore. I'd been trying to get him to move to cd's it took that for it to happen. My dad, love him.
    Family = special.

  14. Reminds me of a Christmas many years ago....
    My father-in-law was visiting us in Maine to celebrate the holiday. He loved Planters peanuts so we got him this huge whompin' gift pak.
    A friend was visiting us that day, too. Being polite, she was looking at each of our gifts (you may know where this is going).
    Leaning over to my FIL, she asked, "Hey, Frank, let me see your nuts."
    You coulda heard a pin drop.
    Not missing a beat, Frank whispered to her, "Well, okay, but don't you want to go somewhere private?"

  15. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! The exact replica of that bag of pistachios was sitting (or standing, depending on your interpretation)in the office kitchen this morning. Weeeeeird.

  16. I used to LOVE Sharon, Lois, and Bram! Ah, nostalgia...

  17. I was maybe a bit high when I read this last night. Your Gramma's still pretty damn funny tho... :)


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