Dec 5, 2011

Dear Me, STFU!

This week was a monumental milestone for me on The Twitter -- I surpassed 20,000 tweets. For those of you that aren't on The Twitter, that means I've spewed out over 20,000 useless thoughts and opinions into the interwebisphere. It's both amusing and horrifying. What else would/should I have been doing during all that time? Working? Sleeping? Eating? ...Fucking? 

OK, so that last one is wishful hindsight, but still, you get the idea.

I told everyone I was going to make myself a 'Shut The Fuck Up' cake when I reaching this number, and I may be many things, but full of shit is NOT one of them. Here's my fabulous cake - it was pumpkin with cheesecake vanilla icing... and boobs.
Buddy Valastro? Eat your fucking heart out. Okay, maybe not; it's pretty ghetto. I should stick to graphic design.

The best part? My in-laws came over last minute. I smoothed over the writing and ate the nipples. And they were very impressed with its flavouring as I watched them chow down a slice of my boob cake sans nipples. Yummy!

Ooooooh! And speaking of STFU cakes... here is a song by CAKE: Shut The Fuck Up. 
See what I did just there? Oh, yeah!

(except if you're at work or have kids around)

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!


  1. I passed 20,000 a couple of weeks ago and I totally tweeted a complaint about nobody getting me a cake! Great minds and all that! Awesome cake!

  2. Oooo. I tingled a little bit looking at your desserts er...I mean, dessert.

  3. Those nipples have some serious 3D effect, man. I think I'm going to start 'seeing' them every time I eat some cake.

    Hey, I actually really enjoyed the song! Could totally picture myself enjoying my spoonfuls of cake while dancing nekkid to this song. Or maybe picture some hottie licking them off me. hahahaha. See what sort of mood you got me into!?!

  4. That cake sounds soooo yummy . . . even with the nipples smoothed down so as to not offend the in-laws!

  5. @Sweaty

    3D nipples, indeed.
    Well... it IS getting pretty cold over here. lol

  6. Were the nipples the first thing to be eaten on the cake? lol.

  7. just went up my nose! Inlaws eating the boobies...lmao!

  8. Wait wait, I thought Cake only made two songs: Going the Distance and Never There... what is this new mystery song of theirs??

    Congrats on the milestone, and the mammo-tastic cake. Of COURSE you had to lick the nipples off! It just wouldn't be the same if you didn't...

  9. it's lovely! congrstulations on your verbal diarrhea!

  10. Wow...that is reason to tweet! That cake looks awesome. I almost feel bad that your in-laws missed such perfect nipples but I guess somethings are best left un-shared in families!

  11. Congrats on talking a lot.
    No surprise.
    Nipples look good.

  12. @Leighannn

    Thanks! They were crunchie with glitter goodness.


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