Dec 12, 2011

My Humble Dysfunctions? Yes, please!

I've always been a bit of a stationery nerd. I love a new pad of coloured paper, a fresh set of pencils, a funky designed organizer, and I sure do love the fuck out of a brand new Sharpie multi-pack. Oooh, hell yeah! When I was working part-time retail as a student, I never wanted to work in Staples (Business Depot, and the like) because of the whole 'don't crap where you eat' philosophy. I never wanted to lose that lust for good office supplies. So, naturally, when I go to shops that have stationery sections, I get a little lady wood goin' on.

But nothing could have prepared me for the euphoria I experienced when I found these journals in Chapters over the weekend. These diaries have THEE best covers I have ever seen!

I want them all; I must have them.

Santa? Are you hearing me right now? Time's ticking!
Fucking write this down, please.

...But not in these journals. 
Get your own.
Fuck off.



  1. i love me some fresh stationary too. i miss the days of snail mail, giving me the excuse to buy and use interesting, colorful, funny, artistic papers and pens.

  2. Word on that last one. I love stationary & journals.

  3. Word on that last one. I love stationary & journals.

  4. Yes! I have My Life In Graphs!
    I have such a terrible habit of buying pretty journals and then never writing in them. It's almost a shame to mess em all up!

  5. Lordy, I love me a new journal just to look at and stroke and sniff and lick (can we keep that last one between ourselves btw ;)

  6. They are awesome and I hope someone satisfies your lady wood this Christmas. Seriously never thought I'd say that to someone.

  7. i am a paper/pen junkie too & sharpies are their own little slice of heaven on earth!

    but those journals rock balls!

    sanity is a cozy lie isn't it? lol!

  8. Those actually might actually make me want to write in a journal. :D

  9. @Lesley

    YES!! I have a few porfolio/sketch books etc, that I've never used because they're too pretty to ruin with my crap. haha.

  10. Where to begin on this comment?
    Yes!!!! Love those journals!!! Also, I too am addicted to sharpies and awesome paper and Office Depot is my downfall!!!

    That must be a Canadian chain cuz I have GOT to get those journals...they're awesome

    As are you!!

  11. OMG! I have my own office supply store goin' on at home! I'm totally addicted!

    Need to get me one...or maybe ALL of these darlings journals--because you can NEVER have enough!

    Thanks for the link!

  12. These are awesome! I'm also all about office supplies. I love paper. New pens. Staplers. Looooove it.

  13. Brian bought me that first one last year.
    It's true.

  14. I need that first one the most. Because sheeeit, I sweat the small stuff. It's my life. And occasionally I tend to think I'm the center of the universe. Okay, that cover is talking to me. lol

  15. LOVE those. I'm with you on the office/art supplies. Give me an overpriced set of colored pencils or markers in some sort of design-y container and I'm yours for life.


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