Dec 28, 2011

Holiday Twittertainment

Because of family visitors, preparing food to the point of exhaustion, and having a couple fairly fantastic meltdowns (both me and the little people), these are what sporadically put a smile on my face over the last few weeks. Here are my Top Ten Tweets of December... and because I'm a self-proclaimed narcissist (and others have proclaimed it as well) I will start with 2 of my own special holiday tweets. At least I didn't favourite my own tweets, so you have to give me some credit. Enjoy!

This one was especially for Carri Brown, because she's so lucky that way:

The more I think about it, he likely did it on purpose.

We'll leave you two alone then ;)

Yes. This...

That would be divine. Or chocolate covered bacon balls.

Every time I see a car decorated like a reindeer, I want to crash into them, so... agreed!

This? Was just nerd-tastic and awesome.

Hulk laugh.

Make that a baker's dozen, darling!

And finally, the #1 sentiment that sums it all up...

And now I must get through my husband's birthday AND our anniversary, both of which are this week.
By a thread, people. 
By. A. Thread.


  1. If balls smelt like bacon. Chocolate covered bacon balls. I swear that brought a tear to my eye. Genius just genius. Why did I not think of this? From now on I must ask guys to let me wrap their balls in bacon. Note to self find a Jewish or Muslim guy to do that with solely for entertainment. I guarantee for ball licking religion would fly out the window.

  2. I love the bacon balls one. ;)

  3. the bacon balls wouldnt be that bad of an idea. Good thing there is some bacon sex lube. Seriously.

  4. THOSE ARE AWESOME! And I'm in there. I LOVE being famous...

  5. I've been told I should get a Twitter account. Maybe I will.
    But, first I'm going to visit the butcher and buy me some bacon.

  6. These are hilarious. Part of the reason why I love Twitter.

  7. LOVE THOSE! I shall pray you make it through this week. I need company on Twitter. So really it's all for selfish reasons, but still a win-win :)

  8. Oh the things I remember from your blog!!! Thanks. From now on, IF (that 'if' is on purpose) I ever get to see 'that' kind of balls again (not likely in the near future from the looks of it), I know I'd be expecting some kind of bacon smell. Ew.

  9. Happy Birthday to the man who shares his life with you. What a guy!
    I want to see wedding pictures


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