Oct 21, 2011

The X-Factor revealed!

Brace yourselves, people!
OK, so it was 4am and I had 7 pints of cider and long since lost my voice
from attempting to talk over the horrific 80s rock cover band. It took me 3 days to recover.
And, well... I'll let the rest speak, or rather, sing for itself. Ahem.

It has occurred to me that since Adele is currently suffering from vocal cord hemorrhaging
(which is truly a terrible thing), this rendition might actually be a lot more accurate than originally thought.
I'm going to hell, I'm aware of that. If anyone wants to join me down there, just know that I'll be the fucking headliner!
Owe, indeed.

PS. All of you bitching about me doing a vlog, you can now shut it, because this is the best you're going to get.


  1. I've done worse.

    Hope you're fellin better

  2. oh my god! hahahahaha. charming. beautiful! the epitome of class- what i've come to expect from lady e. nothing less.

  3. Holy SH*T, you totally ruined the image I had when I listened to that song now!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I will forever remember this when I hear Adele on the radio now.

  4. I'm blessed to have friends that leave links to stuff like this.

  5. You just made me like this song even more! Rock it out girl....and props on the doll/bottle set up, very classy.

  6. Oh wait that was you singing? I thought it was Adele... lol.

  7. @SnarlyKayBee

    I'm always glad to support good friendships.


    I know, right?! I love drunk Barbies.

  8. I did "Just a Friend" at a karaoke bar a few nights ago. Biz Markie would have been proud.

    I belted that fucker OUT.

    ...and noone thought to record it...

  9. That was hilarious, although it did make my dog whine. LOL

  10. You've gone and done it.
    But one will never be enough.
    You'll blog again.

    How did you get your hair dyed between shots like that?

  11. my cat started howling...she is sniffing my laptop

  12. It totally was NOT appreciated by my dog either. She snorted a little and then left the room... and she NEVER leaves the room as long as I'm there, so that's huge. lol

  13. Wow. Just wow. I never thought you the Adele type. Is that only when you're drunk?

  14. Truly, truly awful Lady E, I am in AWE!

  15. I though my poor,unsuspecting followers deserved to have this inflicted on them so I've linked it up as the TaP post of the week.



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