Aug 5, 2011

Blue M&Ms are Simply Superior

It is mostly likely an isolated occurrence that I will post anything like this, but I was laughing so hard when it took place, tears were streaming down my face. Thank you, Gmail, for recording every word of all my gChats. I never thought it had a purpose until this very moment. Since it was essentially instigated by the Studio30Plus writing prompt, I am taking the liberty in saying that this still totally counts. Fuck yeah, it does!

2:17 PM me: I'm trying to do a funny poem about my weird habits... I needed a rhyme idea for the word "few".. of course, Stu came up. hahaha
2:18 PM Stu: ha ha
 me: don't think I'll use that one though
2:22 PM Stu: you can use me how you like
 me: you say that, but then every time I try, you scold me ;)
2:24 PM Stu: well there is a time and place darling
2:25 PM me: humfh
2:27 PM Fine, then. I WILL put you as a weird habit of mine. lol
 Stu: that is probably true
 me: what? that you're a habit?
2:29 PM Stu: a weird habit
2:30 PM me: best one I've ever had then... apart from counting and sorting M&Ms
2:32 PM and twirling my hair
  or biting the sides of my fingers
2:33 PM OK, but you'd definitely be in the Top 5.
 Stu: mmm I want m&m's
 me: Me too
2:34 PM but I would need to sort them by color and quantity
  like an M&M bar graph
2:35 PM It is truly a beautiful thing when it's all laid out.
2:36 PM If math was that yummy, I probably would have been much better at it
2:37 PM you've gone to get M&Ms, haven't you?
2:38 PM Stu: no, was working.
  They taste all the same you know
2:39 PM me: that's not the point
2:40 PM The blue ones are simply superior!
2:41 PM Stu: this is probably one of the dumbest conversations we have ever had
2:42 PM me: this makes me happy
  Fuck the poem, I'm just going to use this conversation
2:43 PM because, really, I can't make this shit up
2:44 PM if it came in silver, bronze and platinum, I'd sort all that shit too
2:46 PM platinum would be on top
  I like being on top
 Stu: so you are now sorting your shit?
2:47 PM me: only if it was made of precious metals
  otherwise? no.
2:48 PM I love how you ignored my sexual innuendo just then
2:51 PM Stu: well you went from sorting feces to riding me. Not exactly the image I want
2:53 PM me: HA! "Golden" feces, babe
2:54 PM Stu: don't care
  shit is still shit
2:55 PM me: Fine. Back to M&Ms then?
 Stu: sure ya weirdo
2:56 PM me: you do realize that you've just helped me with my post for tonight, right?
2:59 PM I just used you
  Do you feel dirty?
 Stu: more like bored and sad that I won't ever get that time back
3:00 PM me: Wait until you read it back, you'll want to kill yourself...


  1. Blue M & Ms are amazing :)

  2. @Ally
    I'm so glad at least SOMEONE appreciates my point of view :)

  3. You sort M&M's too, that's so awesome I love that I'm not alone.

    Also conversations aren't fun if you don't make sexual innuendo about well everything. We're the same there too.

    I feel my cool meter rising.

  4. Blue is my favorite color.

    Hey, Blue rhymes with Stu!

  5. @Alison

    You're a gawd damn genius! haha


    I feel a kinship towards you right at this very moment.

  6. I have OCD, so picking one "weird" habit for the prompt was impossible. My whole damn blog is about what a neurotic weirdo I am--especially with food.

    Anyway, loved this, as just a few weeks ago I had a conversation about how the light brown M&Ms were phased out, and I swore those always tasted different than the others. Like they were extra milk chocolate instead of the others or something.

    Blue food freaks me out, so I always went for the green.

  7. @Abby

    Blue food freaks you out?! I so very much love that about you. lol

  8. I love Blue M&MS too....when I eat them, I go for a skittle over them anyday. ;) But If I had to pick Yellow and Blue.


  9. hahaha....I need a direct line to STU. "well you went from sorting feces to riding me. Not exactly the image I want" :)

  10. You went from M&Ms to feces to sex and then back to M&Ms... flawlessly. That is talent.

    LOVE IT! Love M&Ms too, but I am currently banned from them. They are my kryptonite. *sound of my heart breaking*

  11. ---Lady E.
    Great Post! Funny as Hell.
    I know they all taste the same, but I love the brown ones....they taste more chocolaty! HA

  12. it's great that Gmail saves all your conversations, as long as Stu doesnt mind being posted here! I might not everything I write on the internet made public, but they say there really is no such thing as privacy online.

  13. @Fernweher

    He wasn't overly impressed, but I've since been forgiven.


    What you call talent, he calls idiocy - I like your way much better. lol

    @My Inner Chick




  15. This is where I stir the pot...

    ... green > blue ...

    The end.

  16. I don't know if blue M&M's are superior, but I know the orange ones are gross. I refuse to eat them.

  17. @Bridget

    HAHA - The funniest thing is that Stu ALSO hates most things orange. Huh.. and I'M the weirdo! lol

  18. LMAO!! I personally won't eat the orange ones and I have to eat all the lonly ones first then two at a time so they are even...


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