Jul 15, 2011

An Alternate Ending (Part II)

In case you're just joining us, Part I is here. This is Part II. Enjoy.


He leaned in to kiss her neck and started to pull off her jacket. He began to walk backwards, continuously removing pieces of her clothing, leading her down the hall and into his bedroom. They both were undressing each other with fervent excitement and yet still wanting to savor every second.

They laid down on his bed and she ran her fingers through his dark hair as he kissed her chest, her nipples, her sternum, her scar. She went to grab him and he resisted, "It's fine! You are beautiful." His words were all too hauntingly familiar.

His tongue simply touching her sent pre-climatic tremors throughout her entire body; she couldn't take it for very long. Her impatience was over-powering and she wanted and needed him inside her. She usually had difficulty reaching orgasm, but today, it came effortlessly.

She pulled him back up to her face and he pinned her arms above her head. "Remember this?" Of course she did; it was like
the first time they ever kissed. She was in awe that he remembered. He was always insistent that he had forgotten so much of their past together.

With a quiet and broken voice, she responded, "The first time. Our first time. Yes."

He let go and they leaned into each other for a kiss gorged with sentiment and affection while she wrapped her legs around his and firmly ran her fingers up and down his back. He suddenly pulled back slightly and caressed the side of her face. He looked intensely into her eyes: "Are you sure this is what you want?"

She didn't say anything; she just took hold of him and gently slid him inside of her. For a few moments, he didn't thrust; he just remained deep inside, making them one. He then pulled back and brought her up with him, sitting up together on the bed. They held each other to stay up, intimately and effortlessly.

Slow and loving.
Rhythmic; like a dance.
And then harder.

They fell back on to the bed, exhausted. They continued giving each other was seemed to be like congratulatory kisses - quick and happy yet firm and satisfied. They rested while savoring each other's company. Together; in silence. For the most sublime hour of their lives. It physically ached to get up, knowing that it was all coming to an end.


Time was a selfish tyrant stealing back its gift. Taken away. Used up. No more.
She had a plane to catch.

After some fumbling, dressing and prolonging the painfully inevitable, he walked her to the door. They embraced one last time, attempting to dissolve into each other. Their arms fell down and found each others' to hold tightly while they kissed. It was hard. Harder even than the last time she said good bye. Much harder.

He brought up her hand with his and kissed the back, as if her skin was the most precious thing in existence. He had let out a few hiccups of heartbreaking desperation as they engaged in a wordless conversation. She pushed up on to her toes and gave him one last loving kiss before she peeled her body away from his for the final time.

As she walked away from him, she knew many things.

It was the happiest moment of her life.
And the saddest.
He would always be wonderful and sexy.
To him, she would always be young and beautiful.
And now, their love will be eternal.

It will grow.
And breathe.
And love.
And laugh.
And live on.

"These days turned out nothing like I had planned..."


  1. i forgot I was gay for a second.


  2. Hell, I forgot I was straight! Fabulous!

  3. I need a lie down after that!

  4. Wow, that was hot! I am pleased to see that the young lady in question got a little bit attention . . . always a good thing in my book.

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who visits an alternate reality (it is better than reality in so many ways!) And, now, I think I've even been with Jim. LOL. Have a good day Lady.

  6. Did she get pregnant?
    Is that what is implied?

    Oh GAWD I loved it!!
    So hawt!

  7. More please


  8. I just came home to a brand new dog. If she didn't have the worst gas EVER, and if she'd stop farting every minute on the minute, I probably would have absorbed myself into this more.

    Great writing. Well done. Sorry I missed the cue for the porno music.

  9. @Leighannn
    You are so smart, babe ;)

  10. You know how moved I was by the story of you and Jim. And how much I could relate. I enjoyed reading this alternate ending.

  11. I hope there's a part 3, I need to go back as I'm sure I missed something here, makes it all the more fun. Great writing but you knew that anyway x

  12. {heavy sigh} Way to rock the story....any/either way.


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