Jul 25, 2011

It's So Agrestic

OK, so this week's Music Monday Moves Me is to post my favorite TV theme song. Oh good lordy! Where do I begin, let me count the ways... or rather, erm, versions.

It's all about the WEEDS, people. My favorite TV song in a long, long time. Of course, I could list all the 80s and 90s songs that I also loved so much, but I already strung together a poem tribute for those a short while ago. If you missed that crap gem, check it out here.

Back to WEEDS.

There are many versions. In fact, every episode had someone different performing it. How fabulous is that? It was that little something extra to look forward to at the opening of each new show.

Here are a few of my favorites; and because I'm trying really hard not to be bias, I'll also include some links that although I personally didn't luuuurve, I'm sure some others might. See how fucking generous I was just now? Remember that!

Every.Single.Version. with the actual show intro scene are all blocked from embedding - how rude. I'll just give you some links instead - and I hope you take it from there. This is the version by Linkin Park - it's acoustic and even though his name is unfortunately Chester, his voice does wild and wonderful things to my lady bits.

It was originally written by Malvina Reynolds in 1962. Weeds used this original for the first season, and then began using the various covers for the following seasons.

There is also the Death Cab for Cutie version that is also fantastic - a little more plugged in and rocking.

Maestro Charles Barnett did an instrumental version. When I hear it this version, the irony flows easily and abundantly.

Of course, Elvis Costello's rendition - because - he's fucking Elvis Costello, dudes!

Other versions include:
Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice - Nice duet, but doesn't rock my socks. Meh.
The Individuals - Although I appreciate the Hip Hop vibe, his voice scares me a lil' bit.
Persephone's Bees - Nice to see a multicultural twist in there, I like it! Also? Persephone? Like Jeremy's Pegasus? Score.
Angelique Kidjo - All I have to lovingly say is: Ticky tacky ticky tacky hummm.
Billy Bob Thornton - If you like country... umm, yeah.

There are so many other versions. If you are a fan of Weeds and I left out your favorite intro, I'm sorry...
No. I'm not, actually. Do I look like iTunes? No.
I'm much prettier and I don't retain unnecessary bullshit.



  1. Gah, I haven't watched that show in forever!! I really need to catch up, I'm still in season 1 I think... I do love it though. And the song has always brought a smile to my face. I didn't know that they had someone different do it every time, that's pretty kick ass.

  2. Funny you say that because i NEVER liked the song although when they started using different covers it got BETTER.

    hmmm...maybe we are destined to be completely simpatico.

  3. I love it. We love that show! We actually got Netflix just so that we could catch up on all of the seasons that we missed since we canceled Showtime. My hubs was obsessed with all of the different artists' versions of the song.

  4. I LOVED the original (not at first, but it grew on me).

    Then I LOVED the cover versions, but not as much as the original.

    Then I got sad when it went away, but still enjoy the show sooooo much.

    Sometime I use the name Nancy Botwin on the phone to telemarketers.

  5. Where's GWAR? We need a ridiculous death-metal version of that song.

    You know, just for laughs.

  6. @Lynn
    You. Me. Simpatico, babe.

    I use Anastasia Beaverhausen.

    The Individuals one is pretty fucking terrifying.

  7. @HeidiHo
    I did research and shit. My brain hurt a little on this one ;)

  8. I must admit I've had the Weeds box sets for ages series 1 - 3 but just never got around to viewing any of them…. so many other good things to watch. One day I'll get around to seeing them.... I do like the idea of a different version of the theme for each series.

    AS for my favourite theme tune, Oh you didn’t ask… well I’ve never been a wall flower so I’m giving it to you anyways

    It has to be – the theme tune to “True Blood” – ‘Bad Things’ hot tune for a very hot series…

  9. I have not watched that show in forever....methinks I have some catching up to do! ;)

    Boob Tube Tunage: MMMM

  10. I'm learning some news shows but wonders where they went!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. i know you don't do these silly blog awards unless they involve profanity ;), but i've sent you some blog love nonetheless- because i love you! http://notblessedmama.blogspot.com/2011/07/id-like-to-thank-academy.html

  12. This one is new to me, and I enjoyed the intro. Thanks!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  13. I don't watch that show. Mary-Louis Parker makes me want to jab my eyes out. However, this song is fabulous. Now I get to spend the rest of the day listening to all the different versions.

    Thanks for the time suck. :)

  14. I sing this song to my granddaughters all the time, and they sing with me. They love it. Silly kids! LOL Hey stop by I have something for you!

  15. That Chester's voice also did little tingly stuff to my lady bits... *shiver, shiver*

    And Death Cab Cutie? Bring IT on!!!


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