Jul 27, 2011

Forever 27? Let me think about it...

Oh, Amy Winehouse. For once, I have little words... but I did make this:

Disclaimer: This is, in no way, a joke about her dying. Succumbing to an addiction is truly an unfortunate tragedy.
It is, however, my opinion that comparing her relevance to the musical community to somehow equal that of
Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain is both laughable and insulting... to them.  

Mama's Losin' It

Credit: Original poster by Scott Lobaido.


  1. Don't tell her that. She'll rise from the dead and make a Zombie Winehouse album just to get in...

    Awesome drawing. True talent.

  2. I say sell this!
    You're awesome!

  3. You made this? WTF are you doing blogging? You should be a catoonist!! Awesome, love it!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Not that she OD'ed, but you are right about her being compared to icons!

  5. I don't think Scott Lobiado would appreciate me making money from his artwork... even if I did claim 'Post Modernism' on his ass, Duchamp-style.

    Sorry, that was a bad art joke.

  6. Hell, I wouldn't even compare her to Sonny Bono.

  7. Love it! And I so agree. And I got my ass reamed for voicing that opinion. Oh well.

  8. Awesome. Just plain awesome.

  9. Considering she's English it's not really made big news over here.

    It's not monopolised the papers, TV or radio as you would of expected, in fact apart from the initial announcements I've not really seen or heard anything could be that it's cricket season?

  10. @SJ

    Cricket season - that's a great one ;)


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