Jun 1, 2011

Self-Amusement is Hereditary

I would never consider myself a comedian by any stretch of the word, but I'd like to believe that I have my moments. Why? Because I am constantly laughing at myself. My mother hated using "send her to her room" as a punishment because I gladly went and always managed to successfully entertain myself... for hours.

What shocked my mother the most, and to her horror, was when at a very young age, I started to tell jokes and would follow the joke with a few minutes of uncontrollable laughter... at myself. Apparently, my father did the exact same thing, as did his father before him. I was aware of my grandfather doing this - his belly and shoulders would vibrate and his face would turn a deep purple while telling a joke; he often couldn't even make it to the punchline. According to my mother, my father was even worse.

This is deliciously amusing for me, since I never met my father.

Take that Nurture -- Nature just smoked your ass!

Every time I come up with something that I personally find utterly hysterical, I'll often share it with my mother, with the usual response consisting of eye rolls and an, "Oh lord! You are such your father's daughter."

I find Twitter/Twitpic is by far the worst for enabling my predisposition to self-amusement - so I'll have to give you a few examples of this genetic flaw talent flaw. I'd really like to think I've done my father proud.

1. I made this caption for the "big non-event". Can you believe I actually found that drawing? Oh, how I love the internet; let me count the ways. Someone pointed out that it's not actually a "raptor" - Want to take a guess on what I say to them? 
Shut the hell up, Ross Geller, Ph.D.! Jesus + Dinosaur = Awesome.

2. Then, one of my tweeps, Melissa (@rockdrool), mentioned that her son is insistent that The Beibs is really named Justin Beaver... so I came up with this t-shirt idea. Double entendres make me giddy - especially when it's me who thinks of them.

3. And finally, A Belle, A Bean & A Chicago Dog did a "Senior Hottie" link up which was a fabulous idea. Unfortunately, due to a conflict of interests and a likely nuclear fallout if I posted my real photo on here, I found a sexy substitute to post on twitter instead. What do you think? HOT! Right? It's the ONLY way to go to prom, truly.

So. Much. Laughing.

I guess the ultimate conclusion is that whether or not anyone actually clicks on my twitpics that I post or not, one this is certain - I'm sitting on the other end, uploading my jokes/photos while LMGDMFFAO*... at myself. 

It is all my father's fault and for that, I'm giggly and grateful.

Mama's Losin' It

*Laughing my god damn mutha fukkin' flabby ass off - Watch out, it's totally gonna be the next big acronym!
So much more laughing.


  1. I do the same thing! I laugh and laugh at myself. By the time I get to my punchline, the joke is totally dead and people think I'm an idiot....

  2. Ok the prom dress cracked me up. Seriously?? I don't know what is more mortifying the fact that the girl chose to accentuate her growing baby belly , or the fact that her parents allowed her to not only choose it but wear it AND get a picture taken in it.

  3. "Damn that Justin Beaver"? Oh yes, just got to be done. Love it!!!!

  4. I remember that prom photo going around and unfortunately, it's real. LOL
    That Beiber Beaver rocks.

  5. Oh, damn, that dress is a CLASSIC. They would probably sell like wildfire at some schools--show of pregnant belly tats and navel rings to match earrings. New fashion trend.

    And my Kiddo calls him the Beaver as well. I refuse to correct him 'cause that crap is banned in our house.

    Funny is an amazing trait to have running through your DNA.


  6. I cannot believe that I have actually seen the prom dress before. Once upon a time I stumbled across a website devoted to prom dress failures such as that one . . . yes, I occassionally have too much time on my hands . . . yes, the internet is a great place to waste said time!

    Total aside, I love the idea of a writing prompt and just might be forced to give it a shot next week.

  7. @Fox in the City
    I know of the website of which you speak of; I was on it too. There were so many to choose from, and there was A LOT of debating, but in the end, this was the obvious winner.

    @Mom Went Crazy
    We can be idiots together. x

  8. Fortunately for us, you are no longer self-entertaining. You are now entertaining ALL of us!!! Yay!

    *That dress is going to give me nightmares.

  9. @Alison
    Awe, but it will be the BEST nightmare, ever. LOL

  10. Lady E,
    It is good to laugh at yourself... I do it all the time...

  11. Lady E. OK, this is my first visit and I got here from Toar's place.

    Second, I suffer a similar fate as I am usually the only one laughing. I think I'm a seriously funny sumbitch and have come to realize that it is often "Genius, party of one".

    Third, can you shoot me a photo minus the star? Just asking.

  12. I am my own best audience, too.


    I crack myself up.

  13. no, it wasn't funny when you posted that prom pic. i was pissed! i thought you might at least shown a pic of yourself from 15 years ago. i should have known better! haha.

  14. I laugh at stuff when I initially put it down in writing, but after a few times saying it I build up an immunity.

  15. no shortage of self amusement on my end either....hahaha.

    I must have your Beaver T-shirt, I'd wear it proud.

  16. I want a t-shirt with Jesus on the raptor on it. For real.

  17. I really think I'm going to have to get my friend to post it on their shop. I only have a basic shop & I can't have more than 1 black t-shirt - it's dumb, but what can ya do... boobies win this round.
    I'll keep ya posted. LOL

    The Jesus on the Raptor? It's not my drawing, sadly. I can't do anything about that one.

  18. T-shirt - which is even more fitting on their site, since they have an on-going rivalry with all things Beaver anyway! AWESOME.
    Damn That Justin Beaver

  19. Food for thought: One day, long ago, your father came YOU.

    Congrats, you were the bestest sperm, and your daddy's daughter.


  20. I look at your twitpics.
    I'm cautious when opening. Sometimes frightened. Usually pleased.
    I laugh right along with you.
    You are comedy.

  21. Hurrah to self amusement...it rocks!

    And seriously? That photo? That's got to be fake surely? Muhahahahahaha!

  22. I frequently make myself laugh :) And those pictures are damn funny:) You rock girl.

  23. Seriously, those shirts would SELL. The prom get up? Maybe not.

  24. I saw the preggo prom dress when you posted it on Twitter and just about peed my pants...ok, I don't have the bladder control I used to, but seriously, that shit's funny!

    And you'll never be bored if you can entertain yourself. :)

  25. I LOVE that you included the prom pic here! HAHAHA!

    And I TOTALLY agree that it's all about nature. I'm adopted and am not very similar to my parents at all.

  26. I love your acronym and the Jesus-dino pic. Your blog is the best. Have a good day Lady.

  27. The "go to your room" punishment never really worked for my mom either. Go to my room? Okay! I LOVE my room.

    Also, I crack myself up all the time. I am constantly saying funny stuff to the husband, who just gives me a blank stare, and then I laugh for twenty minutes and tell him I'm the funniest person I know.

  28. Just stopped by from Mama Kat to say hi and glad I did! Great post!

  29. My son SO hates the Beaver, that when I mentioned that his hair looked like Justins....he shaved his head (true story) Although I think he was going to do it anyway.

    I laugh at myself all the time. Afterall, if you don't think your routine is funny, how can you "take it on the road" some day? LOL

  30. It's so important to have a sense of humor. I can't imagine life without stupid jokes. Don't hold it against me, but I wrote a book about Justin Bieber, it comes out in August. Hey, it's a living.


  31. I can still laugh myself stupid(er) telling this lame-ass joke:

    Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

    Because he was dead.

    See? Not even funny or dirty and I'm about to pee my pants giggling.

  32. I'm sure I had that outfit in leopard print somewhere - or did I burn it?


  33. oops and can I just say I see your twitpics so yep you have at least one person who looks at them :)


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