Jun 20, 2011

Twice the Tears

ScaryMommyI hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day weekend! Although my mother re-married when I was 5, it's always been one of those bitter-sweet days for me... along with my birthday... and Valentine's Day... and really, I could go on.

I did a special Father's Day guest post over at Scary Mommy. Have you heard of her? She's kind of a big deal ;) The feedback thus far is that people have really enjoyed seeing my "snugly side". Ah-hem. Don't get too used to it! She's like a rare purple unicorn - and she only comes out on special occasions. Don't bother trying to photograph her for proof of her existence - she can smell a camera from a mile away. 

And to counter-balance all my gooey sentimentality... whore, bitch, skank.

Whoa. That felt better.


I have posted an older video by Marianas Trench back in February that is a lot more up-beat. Today's song has a completely different feel and affect on me. Although I do think the video is fantastically well done to the point where it's really more like a short film, it's the actual song that really gets to me. Let's completely skate over the fact that Josh Ramsay looks a lot like Jim is uniquely mesmerizing... however, he could do with a little hair cut and less eye makeup in the 'modern' portion of this video. His hair looks like the Beiber-hairstyle fucked an angry blue porcupine on crack and Josh's hairstyle was the result of that transgression. What's that saying? Two wrongs don't made a right... indeed.

Anyhow, I'm wavering. Back to my point - the song! His lyrics are simple, but so honest and genuine. The strangest part is that I usually despise "cheesy duets" but, shit, it's caught me hook line and sinker.

I wrote this on The Twitter last week, to which I was referring to this song.

Am I going to tell you approximately how many times I've watched/listened to this song?
Jesus Christ, man, there's just SOME things you don't talk about in public!*

And so I put forth this question:
What song can reduce you to a puddle of emotional snot?

Me? There are so, so very many! But currently, it's this one.

*Jason Lee, Mallrats

Music Monday


  1. I love that... "a puddle of emotional snot"... like you, I have lots. The other day it was "in your father's eyes" by eric clapton. And I was running. Ugh.... don't want to be crying while you're running! It hooked me so bad that I couldn't remember that I could have hit "skip".

  2. I just went and read your guest post. Face it hun you are one big squishy ball of goo.

    Now I'm gonna run away before you can hurl something at me.

  3. Great post! I'm not a mom yet but someday...

    Following from the Monday Mingle blog hop :).


  4. This Woman's Work by Kate Bush will turn me into a blubbering mess.

    One Eskimo's Kandi also makes me cry. I don't like songs about infidelity, well except for Pina Colada. ;-)

    Have a great week! Congrats on your guest post over at Scary Mommy!

  5. *tear* what a sweet little story my Purple Unicorn!!!! :)

  6. When i like a song i put it on repeat and listen to it for days...it drives my family nuts.

  7. Skin by Rascal Flatts does me in everytime..

  8. Yay on your Scary Mommy post!

    OOoh, like the video & the song.

    I know it's cheesy and it's old, but I used to put on repeat 'Don't Speak' by Np Doubt. :)

  9. I've worn this song out: http://youtu.be/a5uect48Vcc

  10. Hmmm, songs that make me teary-eyed...Dear Mr. President by Pink and Beautiful Boy by John Lennon. Oh, and Father of Mine, by Everclear.

  11. I can't wait until your screenplay is produced! You are brilliant. I am still crying over the part about your grandpa watching you play hockey. That must have been haunting for him. Thanks for sharing. YOU are kind of a big deal!

  12. Popped in from Music Monday! Loved the song and like you I have many songs that cause me to tear up. But, For some reason 'For Good' from Wicked, it makes cry every time I hear it, I have no idea why?

    Lucy's Reality

  13. Love the song, and the video. I think if you want to listen to the song a zillion times its definitely your prerogative. Go for it girl! Thanks for playing along today! Missed ya hun, and we have a new button for our spotlight dancers. Ya like it? Did all by my lonesome too, and it works. LOL Have a good one & hope to see you next week too.

  14. Pretty cool choices!

    Gosh I have so many songs.

    Love me for me makes me tear up!

  15. I had a great Fathers Day, even though Mrs. Penwasser teases me that only she knows who their father is (I counter with I had "homefield advantage").
    Anyway, went to a soccer tournament where I only got a second degree sunburn (she came in 2nd place, though). Then the kids took me to a movie where they bought me popcorn and even sat next to me!
    It's cool to be a dad.

  16. Love the Scary Mommy post. You are awesome no matter how snuggly.

  17. I don't know ? Even if it kills me, by motion city soundtrack?


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