Jun 29, 2011

I'll Never Be Lost For Words

I discovered Taxedo yesterday. Oh my word - literally - it's amazing. So, in order to gain the true gloriousness of this website, you do have to download the APP (.exe), but it's so worth it.

Plug in your twitter handle or blog RSS feed, or anything else - you can even upload a word doc - and it will generate this fucking awesome text art. You can choose the colours and layouts and fonts. OK, so you might have sensed the art nerd in me is a bit overly excited - it's because she totally is! The BEST part is that it allows you to save the file in a high resolution format - meaning you can make it into a poster, art print, t-shirt, etc. That, to me, separates it from just another Twitter gimmick to something extremely cool with real functional value.

The very fact that the word SEX is NOT in this has shaken me to my core; I must be slipping.

What this has told me about myself?
I'm a dirty-mouthed, often monosyllabic, intensely emotional person that also laughs a lot and is extremely fucking polite. 
Who knew?!


I uploaded my own words; it's much more fitting - don't you think?


  1. HOW cool is this?

    Gotta go try it right now.

  2. Ooh I did this too, a few weeks ago, it's so fun!

    You, polite? LOL



  3. haha AND hahaha?

    and woodchuck??

    Hun, I knew you were deranged, but...

  4. well, it is very cool. but i just did mine, and fucking WALGREENS is right there. wtf, walgreens? leave me alone!

  5. this is brilliant. a brilliant waste of my time which I fully intend to abuse.

    upon putting in twitter handle, I've decided I need to stop talking @ people.

  6. Who needs it, my Blog is so random and badly written it looks alarmingly like your text art…..Hang on a second isn’t that one of my February postings….

  7. @jillsmo
    Yes, to the core - remember, I'm intensely emotional. lol

    Brilliant waste of time, indeed. I spent a minute or two on it. Ah-hem.

    There's actually a valid, perfectly innocent reasoning behind the woodchuck word. I'll tell ya someday. LOL

  8. Very cool. What jumped out at me was "woodchuck art". Interesting, very interesting...

  9. Do you have to plug in each word and it randomly places it in the art? It looks really cool!

  10. I love that you've got motherfucker in there more than once...and in different variations. I'm going to go check it out - looks cool.

  11. Ooohhh, shiny things! This is perfect for my work avoidance! yahoo!

  12. oooooh! LOVE!

    may have to check this out myself. and cracking up over thanking the fucking followers!

  13. It's a wordle. All the kids are doing them these days. One of my daughter's school clubs did it for the 8th graders this year. Her biggest words were "leader" and "kind." She's my favorite, don't tell the other kids...

  14. @Twinisms
    Yeah, but it's way better than Wordle because of the high rez feature. I'm in nerdy love.

  15. I am SOOOOOO gonna try this tonight when I get home!!!

  16. What? No Cunt Dragon? Unless I missed it. I have no patience with "Where's Frikkin' Waldo?" so I may have failed to see it.
    Tell you what, though. Your "Clean Meter" rating is going to go batshit.

  17. OMG, I need to try this!
    AND I laughed so hard at your words...
    My favs
    Whisperingeye (sweet jebus)

  18. That is fabulous. Now to come up with a group of words that describes me... I feel as though groundhog will be included.

  19. Well, I know the second one is yours...definitely the first one wasn't. LOL It looks really cool.

  20. I am going to do this. Love it! So Coooooool. xxx Thanks Lady E.

  21. @CinfulCinnamon
    Haha - the first one is direct from my twitter feed, no jokes - it's all my words. sigh.

  22. I love it! The big THANKS in the middle...you must be Canadian!

  23. Very cool. The 2nd one may be more "you" but it doesn't have the flow and harmony that the 1st one does.

    Yeah that's right. I picked up some big words in art school.


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