Sep 28, 2011

Think of me... think of me fondly.

Last week was Jill's birthday. Yeah. Good Times. I thought I should have made her something since she went through all the trouble of helping me illustrate my lovely Cock-A-Doodle... Purple story, but I wasn't sure what. Then, my wonderful friend, Sweaty was doing her best to whore my posts (lord only knows why, but it's totally fucking appreciated) and she asked Jill if she had read my post about my new toy and how masturbation has exponentially improved my life these days. She had. She hinted that she had partook in some birthday self-love and thus is what followed:

Fucking loved it! I felt inspired after this conversation and then knew exactly what I needed to make for her birthday present, which I would make with my own two hands... and stolen borrowed images off the internet. Ta-da!


  1. Wow, Jill... you're a bit, er, Furry, for the 21st century.

    But as far as your inspiration goes, I don't blame you.

    Could have been worse. Could have been me... hehe...

  2. Omg i am dying. By the way my birthday's Oct 15. Very close. Get to creatin.'

  3. Think of Me, Think of Me Fondly, While You... um, fondled yourself?


    I LOVE this title! More subtle, but with a double entendre that is SOooo Lady E. Kwim? ;)

    Btw, this image will be forever branded in my mind. Thanks a lot. Really going to help (not!) during times when I partake (ahem) in my own lil self-love.

  4. @Lost

    Well... isn't that you in that 3rd photo?


    See? I'm the title QUEEN - and you doubted me. Pssft.

  5. Wow, that is the gift that will just keep on doubt!

  6. Bwhahaha!! My god I would love to see what the hell you had to google to find that image.

    This truly is a heartfelt gift and I know for certain that Jill will love it. Either that or she will unfriend, unfollow and block you on every manner of social media. Don't worry, I suspect that she will go along with the first option . . . hopefully, probably . . oh who knows!

  7. if that's me in the 3rd photo (good measure, HA!) who's my playmate?

    Do I get to pick? Anne Hathaway?

  8. @Lost

    Anna Hathaway? Really?
    I'd like to think it was someone that, I don't know, DOESN'T have caterpillars crawling across her face. Ahem.

    My hubs likes her too - I seriously can't get passed her eyebrows.

  9. Wow. This is just, wow. I'm turned on and disturbed at the same time. Bravo.

  10. Hahaha, now I'm kind of glad/bummed you didn't know it was mine a few weeks ago. ~laugh~

  11. Great picture. Even with the "Jack in the Box" cartoon face (incidentally, I'm thinking "Jack in the Box" is a euphemism), I am totally intrigued. And, by intrigued, I mean I'm getting a b....uh...never mind.
    A great line I heard in a Woody Allen movie:
    After being complimented on his lovemaking prowess, Woody's (hee...hee...hee...'Woody') character said, "Thank you. I practice a lot when I'm alone."

    When I was a teenager, I coulda gone pro.

  12. I could have used a warning.
    I was eating.

    Jill is hot.

  13. omg girl you're hilarious. i think i would be afraid to have you make something for me. lol

  14. You're so talented! This is awesome! How lucky is Jillsmo to have such a terrific present. I'd be framing that and putting it in the front hall for all my guests to see.

  15. the 'for good measure' pic might take the cake in this work of art.
    and Jillsmo is the best.
    Happy birthday to her.
    you are a good friend Lady Estrogen to make her such a great tribute like that.
    love it!

  16. I thought of both of you the other day. Oh, and mint jelly was involved. Let's see ya make a picture of that!

    Margaret @goodbadfamily


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