Sep 5, 2011

Little Green Bag

Ahhh, the 70s. It's time to harken back to a time when things were simpler. OK, scratch that, they were pretty damn complicated, but nevertheless, whenever I hear George Baker Selection's Little Green Bag two things happen.

1. The heavy bass sets my dog into a complete fucking frenzie, which is equally annoying and entertaining.


2. I remember Jim. Yes, yes. I could easily make an entire compliation playlist of songs that remind me of him, by my gawd, this is one of the top. Whether it was the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs, or the actual movie playing in the background, there was a lot of fun going on in the, umm, foreground. Tarantino? You rocked the early 90s!

"K-BILLY's Super Sounds Of The Seventies Weekend just keeps on coming with this little ditty,
that reached up to 21 in May, of 1970, The George Baker Selection, Little Green Bag..."

Upon further reseaching for this song, I discovered that Tom Jones covered this with The Barenaked Ladies.
How friggin' cool is that?! It's true that it lacks the bass that the GBS version has which vibrates my lady bits,
but it's still a not too shabby of a renditon. Plus, I love my 'Naked Ladies, so I'll show my support.

And to those who get today off, happy friggin' Labor Day party people!
I never experienced labor and I sit on my arse all day at my job, so the jokes on today, I think. Suck it!
Have a drink for me and take off those white slacks, not because it's Labor Day...
because they are white slacks. Eww.



  1. One of my few claims to fame back in the day of house parties at a friends house in Scarboro - I kissed the brother of a Bare Naked Lady! Oh yeah! lol x

  2. @Lucy

    Never mind, that's pretty cool! Love it. lol

  3. In honor of Labor Day, I'm not doing shit today. Gym in the am, reading in the afternoon.

    All I need is a snuggie, and I could be Bruno Mars. Except, my voice is slightly less whiny. Slightly.

  4. Love Reservoir dogs, but think I like the remake better. Now, I'm gonna go put on some white pants and take a nap! how's that for celebrating?!

  5. I love that song and I love that movie! Ah, takes me back to university and all the fun I had there.

  6. I LOVE Reservoir Dogs! One of my fave QT movies.

  7. LOVE your choices!!

    Sorry you don't get today off...I'll have an extra drink just for you! ;) And have no fear, no white slacks for me...I don't need help making my ass look bigger than it already is. ;)

    We Will Rock You with a Bohemian Rhapsody on the Stairway to Heaven in your Hotel California

  8. Love that Little Green Bag. Such a classic jam!

  9. This song rocks... how have I never heard it before??

  10. Oh yeah, and oldie but a goodie! Good choices my friend! Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing along with us once again! Hope to see you next week too! hugzzzzzz

  11. I didn't get today off either. I'm a SAHM :)

    Love your choices!


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