Sep 26, 2011

Milking the Moo Cards

Thanks to Klout (under my breath... fucking Klout), I got 100 free cards from Moo. I guess I can't be too hard on Klout these days, as much as I'd like to. I mean, come on, free cards! To a design nerd such as myself, this is more exciting than I should really admit. Way fucking exciting! I had a bit too much fun thinking of slogans to put on the back. It was tough because in as few words as possible, I wanted to sum up what someone would expect when they come to this site. After a long and strenuousness process, here is what I decided.
What do you think?

OK, I can't just let the others fizzle and die in my hard drive, so I'll post them too -- 
kind of like a few honorary mentions. 

And this one came about after a brief comment exchange with Avitable...

Thanks to Brandon (at Lost in Idaho) gracing me with this title, I tried this out...

And this one I just felt like trying out...

Finally, my info-graphics. I liked this one, but thought it would need translation.
Translation: Woman. Whore. Mother.

Have any more that I should try out? Let me know.
Have any you want me to try for you? I'll give it a whirl if you ask nicely.
I come cheap, and these days? Easily.


  1. They're all awesome! I like the last one.

  2. @Leigh Ann

    I know - that one is growing on me more and more. It's a tough one! lol


    Long live the cunt dragon!

  3. ooh, I got the same Klout perk but hadn't really looked at exactly what I could do with I'm super-excited!! I love all of these by the way!

  4. @Random Girl

    I mean... we can get/make cards any day... but for some reason, FREE cards is that much more exciting.

  5. I'm just picturing you with your legs spread and a neon "Vacancy" sign flashing after the 'open for service' line.

    I'm glad I can sometimes be a muse to your whore-dom. I live to serve.

  6. @Lost

    I'm glad you can be a muse to my whore-dom as well. It works nicely.

  7. The Cunt Dragon one is priceless! I need one that says Cunt Dragon in training or something! LOL!

  8. Those are all fantastic but if you are taking votes, I'm thinking the last one! Excellent!

  9. Digital Whore is the best by far!! But seriously, I love them all. Can you have them made into bumper stickers for my minivan? How do you think that would go over at the PTA?



    Love the first one, cuz I love Yoda. LOL.

    The second one... hmm why did I somehow get a not-so-pretty picture in my mind upon reading this? Something resembling a burnt sausage?? Ugh, go figure.

    Not crazy about the third one. But then again you and Adam Avitable clearly operate on a higher plane than me. So I blame it on my low IQ on this one.

    How can I not love the fourth one, when it's something that I can relate to so very much? Ha!

    Fifth one... ?? OK, blame it on another low IQ moment.

    Sixth one... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! This one is my absolute favorite!

    ({0}) is so dang sexy. HAHAHAHA.

  11. HAHAHA You should have gone with the last one.

  12. What the he'll is a moo card?
    I like anything that references the vaj

  13. I really like the last one. A lot.

  14. In hind sight, I should have just got them all. Oh well... next time.


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