Jul 11, 2011

The Innocent Can Never Last

Yay!! Pamela got her Cunt Dragon mug last week for being such an awesome fan/supporter/reader/friend - as well as a lucky bitch, since it was a random draw. It was so damn meant to be, for sure!

I know Ms. Gold wasn't an ivory flower went we met, but I'll like to think that I've further assisted with her travels towards the path of down and dirty. And if anyone gives her shit about that mug at work, she can blame it all on me - I'm cool with that.

And if you have the desire and the means, I highly recommend picking up your own Cunt Dragon mug.
Yes, I have no shame - you should know that by now, yo!

Then, this weekend I got this tweet from CrazyLadyX5 and it truly moved me that I have affected people in such a way that my very being can be synonymous with giggly immature sex jokes involving the number 69. Oh, how proud I am, I can't even begin to measure it with words. No, no, thank you, Crazy Lady for letting me know!

And finally, because it is Monday and I haven't done a Monday Music Moves Me for a couple weeks, here is one I just had to throw into the mix. Not only does it fit with the Military theme for today, but oh my God, it's an epic one. Firstly, Green Day. I don't even need to say more on that point. Secondly, Jamie Bell! Little Billy Elliot all grown up and hormonal. I love it! Thirdly, this is more like a short rather than a music video - it's full of teen angst drama, which is, of course, my very favorite type of bread and butter. Perhaps it's just me, but I can't watch this video without being reduced to a blubbering mess. Come back, Jamie! I love you!



  1. I'm totally jealous! I totally want a "Cunt Dragon" mug too! If anyone deserves to proudly wear that title, it's me. Just ask my husband whom I lovingly refer to as "Rat Bastard" when the mood strikes me. :)

  2. I'm gonna be honest, until now I had never seen that video. I had no idea what it was about. I'm very moved. And blubbering, myself.

    On a lighter note, a Cunt Dragon mug would suit me quite nicely. I tend to get called cunt (affectionately) by the boy quite often.

  3. I think the Cunt Dragon mug must be the most coveted item in the Internet world now. I want one too!

    Oh I love that Green Day song, I have it on high rotation here :)

  4. I don't want a CuntDragon mug.

    You can come visit me however. I'll provide a mug of my own.

    I love that song too

  5. I showed my boss my mug on Friday and all he could say was, "What are you trying to do to me?"

    To hell with it...I'm drinking out of it whenever I can, which is daily.

    Cunt Dragons galore!!!!

  6. Still need a Cunt Dragon mug to go w/ my Rock my Blog tote!
    I love this Green Day song and the video is AWESOMESAUSAGE! Green Day is a great bandage!

    Love u Lady E!
    Yer Baby Cuntdragon

  7. Still half tempted to get a "I <3 Cunt Dragons" tattoo to show my support.

    And as far as Green Day goes, they are my karaoke band of choice. If I get really drunk, however, I start doing Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Watch out for that ish...

  8. Cunt Dragon is now my new favorite word. Words. Phrase.

    I love Green Day. I have an inappropriate crush on the lead singer. Well, maybe not so much inappropriate as he'd better hope I'm never single.

  9. I can think of nothing better than drinking from a cunt dragon mug at work. Is there also a cunt dragon poster? I'd like to hang it above my desk.

  10. What a way to be mentioned!! I drive that highway almost daily.. BUT for some reason that daily I BUSTED out laughing, alone in my car thinking of Lady Estrogen and how she would just LOVE to know I think of her in such a way..

    ROFLOL!! I'll send you a picture soon with me standing under the sign..

  11. I'll have to toss my name in extra times for the next round....I'd love to sip coffee outta a cunt dragon mug

  12. @CrazyLadyX5
    ONG - you're gonna take a photo - that fuckin' is hysterical.

    No poster - only a Bajingo poster - and THAT is truly a work of art, yo!

  13. That mug totally cracked me up - I might have to get one to throw the hubby into a tizzy! ;)

    LOVE Green day - awesome song choice! :)

    Patriotic Tunage - MMMM

  14. Wonder what my girl would think if I sent her a mug like that :)

    Thanks for sharing your music with us!


  15. Hey Sweetness, how's goin? Love your choice. Never heard that one before, but thanks for sharing. That cup is just tooo tooooo much, Had to show the hubby. He got a kick out of it too! lol Thanks for playing along. Hope to see you next week too! Have a good one.

  16. I love that she took it to work, without hesitation!

  17. I actually really like that music video.
    Plus, I'd drink from that coffee mug. I would just tell the curious I was in disguise.

  18. oh so much to love about this post. first, i'm going to have to get some of your merch, i just need to decide what saucy something it will be.
    Second, of course you invoke immature sexual humor. Why do you think you were the first person I thought of when I tweeted about the vagina shell at my salon? lol
    third, Green Day - amazing. And that video is practically an indie flick. The Broadway Production of American Idiot is like that on steriods - excellent. I did get to see it with Billy Joe in the cast, but still fantastic even without him.

  19. I'm almost positive I'd be the first man in my office with a Cunt Dragon mug.


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