Jul 8, 2011

An Alternate Ending (Part 1)

In an alternate universe (a.k.a. My imagination) this is how "the final day" really happened.

His text: I've thought about it. Can you be here at 2 tomrw?

Her text: I'll be there.

Her heart couldn't stop pounding since she received his message. Her breaths were short and fast. Thoughts and emotions were rapidly swirling over her body like satin ribbons; they were wrapping around her like a cocoon and getting tighter. The anticipation alone was more excitement than she had felt in so long that she couldn't even estimate to compare.

She tried so hard to sleep that night, but it was difficult. Her mind kept racing. The occasional bursts of jumping up out of bed to do some happy dancing probably didn't help either.

That morning she showered, shaved, inspected every inch of her body. She changed outfits five times - but finally decided on the first one.

She hadn't smoked in 4 years but she had 6 already that morning. She was nervous but it was the best kind of anticipatory nervousness; simultaneously ecstatic and terrified. She felt drunk.

The entire drive took longer than she had planned. Every stoplight she panicked and looked at the clock; she could not be late. To her immense relief, she arrived 25 minutes early. It was too early. She sat there in her car, waiting, thinking, doubting. No. She had come this far - there was no fucking way she was going to turn back now. She had been through far too much already, all of which had led her to this very moment in her life; she was ready.

Still 10 minutes early, she couldn't take it any longer. She approached his house gripping her skirt, trying to cure her hands of their anxious moisture. She opened the screen and knocked on the solid wood door. He mustn't have been far as he almost immediately opened it and smiled.

For the first time in almost 24 hours, her heart stopped throbbing for an eternal second. She held her breath and then exhaled deeply.

He reached out his hand and took hers, leading her in through the door way. Still holding her hand, he used his other to close the door behind her and then brought her in close, in one fluid motion. Their bodies pressed up against each other. She was buried in his chest and then she looked up slowly until their eyes met. He smelled so good. She could feel his heart beating in synchronized intensity with her own.

The silence was ceaseless - but right there, as they embraced for the first time in so many years, it was the most pure moment. Two opposing magnets that had lost each other had at long last been reunited. Perfection.

Finally, he spoke, "What does this mean?"

She smiled and replied, "It means everything... and it means nothing."

He let go of her hand and brought his up to caress her face. She closed her eyes and became lost in his touch as he pulled her in even closer. His lips touched hers. At first, it was gentle and unsure, but just beneath an eruption was waiting, full of repressed emotions that instantly burst into a frantic and over-whelming kiss. Zero to Sixty in 5 seconds flat.


It was all there, in that kiss.  

After what felt like a lifetime inside that kiss, he pulled away to look at her. She opened her tear-filled eyes to see his were equally soaked - and they both began to laugh. She was just about to say something and he stopped her.

He whispered, "I know."

She gulped, composed herself and then nodded in agreement.

to be continued... click here for Part II


  1. I love the passion in this story!

  2. wow.. so, when are you going to publish yourself on paper? I'd totally buy anything you wrote!

    It means everything....and nothing! woa!

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooo! You can't leave me hanging like that....my heart was racing just bloody reading that woman. You rock.

  4. I enjoyed this story.

  5. Perfect! Hmm, kinda feel there should be a better way of putting that ................. Damn fine bit of writing girly! God, now I've gone all cowgirl. I LOVED it! Yep, that'll do.

  6. I love this! I was hanging on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for the next part!

  7. Cliff hangers suck....so hurry on up and publish part 2 okay?

  8. Hahaha - suck it.
    It'd be way too long for 1 post.

    The conclusion goes up next Friday - it's raunchtastic ;)

  9. You have talent, Lady. I Love love love your blog.

  10. acckkk we have to wait a week??!!! You are into torture aren't ya

  11. @singedwingangel
    Kinda. Maybe. Sorta.
    You know me.

  12. WOW
    can't wait for the rest.
    I'm blown away.

  13. This is when I start the pornomusic, right?

    No? Wait for the cue?

    Dammit, I hate working as your sound guy...

    *sits and pouts*

  14. @Lost
    Yeah - save the porno music for next week - it might come in handy.

  15. I found your blog through Studio30Plus and you were the first person there who asked to be my friend ... ah how sweet is that?

    Awesome site my dear !


    I regularly mourn my complete inability to write (romantic/erotic) romantic / erotic fiction! Do I have "issues"?

    You definitely don't have said problem...

  17. Awesome. I'll definitely be back. But not without the kleenex box and a vibrator !!!

  18. I knew anything that you wrote in this way would be mind blowingly awesome. Also the bonus of me doing my I'm back lets catch up through Lady E's blog means I don't have to wait for part 2 as it's already there x

  19. I hope I can do this story justice via live action mode. I am sure many of us have "been there," and I'm sure I can conjure up the memories.

  20. After watching the video, it's very vivid - awesome job putting your words into video!


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