May 3, 2011

I'm Freakin' Published!

Ohh Emm Gee! How excited am I? Can you hear the squealing in my words? 

Books. Novels. These mean nothing to me now because my life-long dream has been realized. My submission for the Urban Dictionary has been APPROVED

I had come up with the word while describing the ancient sewing machine that my grandmother dug up for me a few months back. The more I thought about it, I just knew I was on to something - I just needed to pump up the "ghetto" in my definitions. Because, really? The UD world doesn't give a shit about someone's old sewing machine.

So, please gaze upon the brilliant literary musings of none other than myself. I'll be available for autographs later on today. If someone from the Pulitzer committee calls, they can speak with my agent!

And don't forget the merchandise! Oh, how I salivate over the idea of fresh merchandise. True, I don't benefit from these sales. I'd much rather you buy something from MY SHOP, but it's newly created merchandise nevertheless - so it must be celebrated. It's been an exciting morning, that's for damn sure. 

I think I need to take a nap.


  1. Awesome definition! I'm hoping that, someday, when I'm an old fart, I'll be considered fantique.

    Especially my johnson...

  2. Wondersome both wonderful and some more! I am fantique yet without the awesome...

    A congrats E

  3. The example sentences are pretty hilarious.

  4. Yay!

    I am so proud of you.

    I knew you would be published one day.

    So proud.

    Hee hee!

  5. @pearfectgirls
    HAHA - that would be fuctique, maybe? LOL
    Cunt Dragon is already in the UB - it's where I found it ;)
    It's my bible - and therefore, I now feel like one of the apostles! HA!

  6. The adjective form of your new word is brilliant.

  7. I love the urban dictionary. It's much more fun than the conventional dictionary, even if that one WAS awesome when I was a kid simply by containing 'penis' and 'vagina.' I'm older and more mature now though, and need bigger thrills.

  8. @karensomthingorother
    I know, right?
    I remember looking up "sphincter" in the dictionary when Wayne's World came out - I couldn't believe that was a real word. LOL

    Thank you - I strive for only the best.

  9. I'm so happy for you! "Fantiquingly huge"? Um, that's awesome times 100.
    Just a couple of weeks ago, I had my first definition published at UD. It was like Christmas in April.

  10. @AMo
    It's way better than Christmas!! LOL

  11. YEAH Be proud! I too had a definition published years ago. Love the daily emails from them!!

  12. This is cooler than anything I could imagine. Being in UD. Jaw. Dropped. In. Awe.

  13. There is just so much awesomeness in the post that I don't even know where to start...

    Fantique? Brilliant! You published in Urban Dictionary? Too amazing for words. ;)

  14. I bow to your AWESOMENESS!!!! So cool!

  15. Really jealous -- especially since my vocab hasn't passed the 3rd grade level. Congrats on being a contributing member of of the literary world!

  16. Fantique? It's a word I think I'll just have to use each and every day! Congrats!

  17. fantique.

    You worked it.


  18. Congrats! "Fantique" is fantastically urban!

    It's nice to know that finally there's a word to describe me when I'm 60. lol.

  19. Will you still speak to us, now you're famous. Congratulations on your literary success. xx

  20. Fantique is a GREAT word. Congrats on such a major accomplishment!

  21. That. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know someone who has added a word to the English language(or at least the urban English language). Epic.

  22. Congrats! The English language will be forever better for your contribution to it. ;-)
    I do have to agree with another commenter though, Cunt Dragon is like the best name ever and I'm not usually comfortable with that.

  23. This shit is off the chain, yo! That is my "urban" coming out in me! hahaha
    Congrats on getting your 'word' published, you must be damn proud!
    Balls to the wall girl, YOU DID IT!!!



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