Apr 19, 2011

When I should have cried...

but I laughed instead.

Since my Top Ten Tear Jerker list got a lot of you talking, I thought I needed to do this follow-up. You should be aware by now that I'm a huge snotty wreck when it comes to many, many movies. Now, on the contrary, here are two movies to which I found myself laughing instead of crying at the most pivotal moments. This is HUGE considering I cry at frickin' everything. Kudos to the lame acting and/or special effects that otherwise ruined intense moments.

1. Romeo + Juliet, 1996
OK, so I completely related to the whole 'desperate forbidden love' thing; oh do I ever! I love this movie. Love the manic-ness of it all, thanks to Baz Luhrmann's acid tripped interpretation of Shakespeare, BUT that final scene... when Claire Danes did that little yelp and made her face scrunch up all stupid-like, I laughed. I should have been a sobbing mess, but instead, I laughed. Dear Claire, You were dumb. That is all.

Look at that fucking Playdoh face!

2. Alive, 1993
OK, I was 15 when I saw this in the theatre, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Why did I go see this in the theatre? I have no idea. When the plane ripped in half and people were getting sucked out the back, I laughed so hard... and so did my friends. I'm sure the elderly couple sitting behind us were utterly disgusted with us, but I just didn't buy it, probably thanks to early 90's special effects, I'm sure. Secondly, when he had to dig into his dead friend's frozen ass... I laughed again. This time, due to my toilet humor and thinking of the never-ending puns that could accompany this otherwise climatic scene of survival and humanity.

This tastes like ass!
Yes; yes it does. Giggle.

Dig in boys!



  1. hehee... I cry at anything!! I'll never forgive E.T. For sending me down ths path of manliness...
    I laugh too yet I can't remember to what.

  2. I laughed at Claire's face too. It always bugged me. I just want to poke her in the eye and tell her to shaddupyoface.

  3. Hahaha! I also laughed at Claires face...brilliant!

  4. I'm a big sappy mess when it comes to movies too. I did like this interpretation of Romeo & Juliet a lot. While I didn't laugh at the death scene, I know exactly what you mean about that scrunchy face she makes. C'mon Claire, you're an actress cry "pretty". ha ha

  5. Ahahahaha! I totally cracked up at that part in Romeo & Juliet too! I thought it was just me.... *whew*

  6. A dude had to dig into another dead (thankfully) dude's ass??? I'll spare you the gratuitous (and gross) comment that maybe he wanted a little after-dinner chocolate (oh, yuck, I didn't), but that's just wrong on so many levels.
    I hope at least he said grace.

  7. Thanks so much for participating in the Tuesday Train hop – I’m so glad you did!!

    I didn't see either of these movies - and I think I'm glad!! I saw the Olivia Hussey movie version of Romeo and Juliet and cried like a baby. Not at all interesting in watching people surviving by eating their dead friends.

    Come back again soon!!

  8. I laughed at Romeo + Juliet... When he blew his head off I started to tear up, then a friend leaned over and said "well, he'll never get a-head in life."

  9. Claire Danes is the best crier either. And by that I don't mean that she's good at it, she can do it like a mofo though. She cries in everything. Everything. I could never get into Romeo and Juliet though, the whole current look to it with the old school talk made me gag.

  10. Oh no, not romeo + juliet. That movie was so cheezy, it belongs in an aerosol can.

    I'm another fan of ET in the laugh/cry dept. Every time I watch that movie and start to choke up, I remember an old Robin Williams sketch where he points out ET has 3 inch long legs, and probably a longer penis. "I wonder how many times he's stepped on himself?? 'ELLIOOOOT.... OUCH...'"

  11. I get labeled a cold psycho because I rarely cry during the saddest scenes...and laugh at the saddest ones...I think I seriously need help! ...or Jesus!

  12. Lady E,
    You rock my world. I did love love Romeo+Juliet and You are so right Miss Danes looked like she was squeezing out a big turd and it was painful.. She was pitiful.


  13. Yeah. That scene from R&J totally ruined my non-sexual crush on Danes. *sigh*

    ps - You have twins? I KNEW I liked you. In a non-sexual, Claire Danes sort of way, of course.


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