Apr 25, 2011

The Teddy Bear Diva

This is one of my favorite old photos of myself that I will share with you. It brings back a lot of memories for me, such as... 

1. It was taken in our first house, before my mom got re-married; it was our bachelorette pad.

2. Those elasticized sleeves were annoying as hell. They were really tight and felt like itchy, deflated personal flotation devices.

3. I loved my tutu. I loved all of my tutus. When I graduated to the level in ballet where we had to wear wrap around skirts instead of tutus, I was throughly disappointed.

4. Apparently, at the recital, I pushed the girl beside me off the stage because she wasn't doing the routine properly. If I was to re-enact the scene, it would have gone something like this:

"Pssst. You're not doing your Grand Plié right! You are making us look bad."

"Leave me alone. I'm trying to concentrate on my Demi Detourné."

"You're not succeeding. You suck. And so does your Port de bras."

"Waaaa. Stop picking on me. I'm only 5! I'm doing the best I can."

"I'm 5 too; that's no excuse. Your best just isn't good enough."

"I'm going to tell on you. You're mean!"

"That's not mean, honey. THIS is mean..." And then I give the silly little bitch a quick shove off the stage. She was cramping my style.

Besides, I'm pretty sure that I was destined to work center stage as a solo act, even if I did it in a tacky, brown polyester/satin blend costume, handmade by my mother. We all have to start somewhere, right? 


This post is for Monday Memory


  1. oh man, those dance costumes are never good! you were a cute lil teddy bear though, even if you were a bully to the other dancers.

  2. ha ha! bet you were a right performer! x

  3. oh my god, my daughter has her first dance recital in june and now i am totally positive that someone is going to push her off the stage! (or vice versa...)

  4. Can you believe that I still HAVE my first ever dance costume? It's hot pink and white polka dots with a pink and white tutu. I think I was 5 when I wore it - I still have the tap shoes with my name written on the inside of them and everything! HA!

  5. I never took ballet. But if I did, I hope I would have been the kind of dancer to shove a bitch off the stage.

  6. Love it. My ballet costumes weren't even this good.

  7. "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."
    Next year will mark the end of 15 years of dance lessons (for my daughter, not me. I just can't imagine me in tights. Or, maybe I can...?).
    It will be bittersweet.
    On the other hand, no more $180 a month dance payments.

  8. @Al
    I can't believe they are that expensive! Wow.

    I did 6 years of ballet and then "had" to quit once I got to hard toe because they said my figure "wasn't ideal" for the discipline. Seriously.
    Then I did jazz for a year and hated it; kinda wished I did tap because I'm in LOVE with Stomp & just know I could have rocked that.

  9. I'd like a current photo of you wearing this. Also? Great new header...

  10. That picture is awesome. And that non-dancing 5 year old loser probably deserved to get pushed off the stage.

  11. Very cute picture. But I bet it'd be even cuter on you now... =P

    So yeah. Pamela and I are both on the same wavelength.

  12. aww...such an adorable lil girl!! And love your header!! do you use a special program? I like Picasa.

  13. I remember those damn costumes all to well. lol you were so cute : )

  14. hehe Love it! now where is my Tutu?



  15. Absolutely loved it! And thanks for participating in the 'Monday Memory'. You have a terrific memory here, even if you were being a little 'pushy' (ahummm). So glad I never danced when I was young...more of the tomboy type...no costumes here:)

    my moment is here: http://allergiesandceliac.blogspot.com/2011/04/monday-memory.html#more

  16. Who doesn't love a good tutu? Life should really give girls more opportunities to wear tutus.

  17. ...I like the changes you've made!!! ya blog looks fabulous~

    Yep, that's right! :-)

  18. There can only be ONE Diana Ross----the rest yu bitches stand back and harmonize to my sweet azz!

    can't hold back a diva......go on and shine girl!

  19. This is funny! We are getting ready for a garage sale and I JUST said goodbye to "the dinosaur costume" - I don't think it involved as much satin as yours but it ha a zillion sequins and a pain in the butt (head?) headpiece. It wasn't homemade but might as well have been for all the modifications that I had to do. And my DD would completely have been "you" - bossing the other girls around (this was about 10 years ago!). I guess the interesting thing is she's still dancing. We've come a long way, baby, from the time and day of dinosaur divas!!


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