Jul 5, 2012

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Thanks to my supportive husband, (and I'm actually not even being a smarmy bitch when I say that... this time!) we will be driving down to NYC on August 2nd. Why is that, you ask? Ohh, because I'm going to go to my first BlogHer event and chill out with Martha Stewart. Yeah, baby! Myself, The Suniverse and Martha are going to compare prison tats - it's gonna to be very. <-- See? Even my Heathers' quotes are coming out, proof that I'm, well, this...

I'm only going for the Friday of the conference but I cannot wait to meet so many of you for some quickies! Over the last couple years, I practically feel like I know you anyway, but it's always cool to get that in-person experience. Like the late great Dicky Fox said, "The key to this business is personal relationships." Yes, Dicky, I totally agree with you.

So tomorrow, I'm off to get some treats that my fabulous local Love Shop are donating to me to take to the conference. It won't technically be sponsorship material (which is a no-no) since it's only to promote my blog, so shhhhhh. Said treats will also come with one of my limited edition magnets. Yay! 

Le magnet: It's attractive

And no, I haven't had sex this week, because... MERCHANDISING.

I have started a list on The Twitter for people that are also going to BlogHer, so if you're reading this and I haven't added you, please tell me!

On a side note, I realize how motherfucking annoying it can get for people that aren't at the conference to hear about all the shit - that was me for the last 2 years, actually. It's not out of jealously, but constantly hearing about an event/party that you weren't at is just simply irritating. I will keep that in mind while I tweet and blog cautiously at grotesquely inflated roaming rates while I'm in Amurrrica.


Farrah, please step forward! 
You need to email/DM me your deets so I can send you THE CERVIXENS t-shirt that you won!
Congrats - please wear your honorary Cervixen top with pride... especially when you're maybe not wearing a bra, but that is totally just a suggestion. 



  1. lol..on The Twitter. Love it

    and I can't wait to read about your experience. I've been curious for awhile about that conference. Perhaps next year. Have a super awesome time and I look forward to reading about everything!

  2. Yes, I'm totally jealous, and yet I'm happy. I will live vicariously through you. I have also coveted the famous BlogHer conference. I actually had a ticket for it last year, but at the last minute my cheap ass husband said that the rest of the family shouldn't go without a trip just so I could go rub shoulders with people I don't even know...sheesh...I totally know you!

  3. I think I have like 3 regular readers so I doubt I'll ever make it to a conference lol

  4. So jealous!! I hope you have a blast. And don't worry, I'll totally let you go on and on about it to me. We haven't had much interaction as of late, but I do feel as if I have gotten to know you with what we have had.

  5. I want a magnet.

    En-fuckin-Joy BlogHer

  6. As Kerry from House Talkin' Would say...SHUT TO THE UP!!!!!! For once my laziness has paid off and by never getting around to buying one of those shirts- I get one for freee!!! Words really cannot describe the amount of pride I will excude when wearing this t shirt. At least be sure to know I will wear it at each and every OB appointment from here until the end of time. Hail to the cyst! :)

  7. Hope you have yourself a good time! :D

  8. Grats to Farrah, and I AM SO JEALOUS I am not going to Blogher now! I need to go to NYC soon anyway (to see the Book of Mormon on Broadway) and wanted to go when Blogher hit.

    Oh well, que sera... something.

  9. Brandon,

    I'm disappointed in you - our union would have been so glorious that it would have blocked out the sun!

  10. how seriously exciting!! OMG!
    Can't hear all about it!

  11. Next year, I vow, next yearrrrr. . . Unless my other damn son plans a damn wedding a month before the conference. Not likely. He's yet to have a date.


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