Jul 19, 2012

Unfastened Friday 6.0

Oooohh, it's about that time again folks. It's been a long while since the last Unfastened Friday, so it was well overdue! Have got some naughty submissions this time round - which are, of course, thee best kind. Seriously, who needs 50 Shades of Whatthefuckever when we've got REAL LIFE stories to tell. Ahem.

The Opportunists
Once upon a time there was a guy and a girl who just could not get enough of each other. These two were desperate to feel each other, to tease each other and to taste each other.

Given that each of them was married... to other people... they had to become creative when it came to fulfilling those needs. Lunch hours were spent rushing to a meeting place, saying a quick “hi” before tearing at each other’s clothes, needing to remove them as fast possible because time was short. The kissing was hard and deep, filled with need... as was the thrusting. Moans, heavy breaths, primitive sounds filled the air only to be shattered with silence once both reached their peak.

It didn’t matter where it was... including the second floor walk-in-closet of a model home while others toured the downstairs... these two made the most of any opportunity that arose!

- Anonymous

Quite awhile back I broke up with my girlfriend and changed my status on Facebook from 'in a relationship' to 'single'. Almost on cue, my friend's mom commented on it saying how happy she was. Now mind you, I had been friends with her daughter since my freshman year in high school.

Anyway, she ends up messaging me saying how being single was much more fun and before you know it she was inviting me over for some breakfast one morning. It was my first time being at her house so she gave me the tour, which of course ended in the bedroom.

Laying down, she said to feel how comfy the bed was with her. Of course, I laid down and before you know it I was pulling down her pants and sliding my manhood between her legs. Apparently, she hadn't done it in a while and she finished quicker than I would have expected.

She was about 30 at the time and I was 19.

- Anonymous

The Ex-Swingers
I see him all the time, he's always dressed up so nice and he smells so good. We meet up for coffee or whatever, finding excuses to see each other as often as we can.

When we're with each other AND our spouses, we are sneaking footsie under the table, brushing against each other on purpose, catching the other one looking. Alone we embrace and breathe each other in. Feeling the want and the desire between us like a sharp knife.

I can't sit and listen to him without picturing him naked, just as he is. Sitting back with me on top, riding his gigantic cock that fills me up more than I ever have been before. Feeling so small against his tall, muscular body. Cumming over and over and over just from the pure excitement.

I think of that gorgeous cock hitting the back of my throat, it tasted so good. Him, face between my legs, my warm juices unable to stop squirting.

I know what you're thinking: we've had an affair. We haven't. Once upon a time, with a quick text I'd be off driving to his house and his wife to mine. A quick swap to spice up life a little. It worked out fantastic. I loved fucking him, I couldn't wait for it.

Now we can't. One member of the bunch doesn't want to anymore. It's been a year and we still haven't found two people to take their place. So we just continue on, respecting the sanctity of marriage and only crossing the line a little bit... just to keep life exciting.

- A mommy blogger you might know...but you'll never find out :)


See? That was fun, wasn't it? Have your own UFF entry? Submit here. You can be 100% anonymous (even from moi) and not even fill in the "FROM" field or email; it's up to you. Either way? DO IT... pretty please.


  1. I need to get out more, so I have something fun to share here.

  2. I gotta have more brave people submitting their stories ;)

  3. I like the "Unfastened Friday" zipper image.

  4. I liked the stories, but that MILF one seems odd, if she was 30, he was 19, and it was a friend's mom, she was 11 when she had her son or the guy is creepily friends with someone younger then him.

  5. Hehe. Very true.
    I'm thinking she would have been 40.
    Anything over 25 can become blurry from the perspective of a 19 year old.


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