May 6, 2011

Housekeeping? Housekeeping!

It's about time I get my shit in order. If I cannot do it in my own life, I might as well do it for my blog. I'm going to de-clutter my site soon, but then I hope to be done messing with my damn layout, once and for all.  I've also noticed 3 things lately - all of which were catalysts to my less than ground-breaking decision.

A. I've tried to publish on particular days of themes - I enjoy them - but it often would throw off my sad attempt at scheduling only every other day. If I do a Thursday Writing Workshop, I can't do a Wordless Wednesday or a Friday Flashback... shit like that. I'll chalk it up to my OCD, but it greatly annoyed the piss out of me.

B. Weekends suck my statistics' hairy nuts. Quite a few times I've rolled out a big gun on a Saturday or Sunday and heard nothing but crickets. Ah, rrrrright! People have families! Damn them. Ha! Isn't it so much easier keeping up with blog reading while we're all supposed to be working? Yes! During-the-week.

C. I don't want to post too often and I don't want to post just for the sake of posting. I want to make every post a valuable and worthwhile waste of your time when you come and visit me. I take a lot of pride in that! I love and throughly appreciate every single visit and comment - it's been an incredible year.

So, here's what I've decided:

I will be posting only on MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY. That's it. Finito.

If I want to participate in a Tuesday or Thursday blog activity, I'll post those the day before and look like a nerdy keener. So, if you see a Top Ten Tuesday post go up on a Monday, don't worry - I do, in fact, know what fucking day it is - I haven't completely lost it... yet.

If I learn of some completely earth-shattering news on a non-posting day, I'm just going to have to learn to hold my wad. Patience is NOT one of my virtues, but I'm really going to give this whole "consistency" thing a chance.

Coming by on a weekend? Thank you! That's fantastic. Please take a look around at the latest posts from that week; or if you're feeling adventurous, have a click around the archives or key words.

THANK YOU AGAIN, from the bottom of my... I'll stick with heart... for reading my rants and ridiculous stories of when I was a hormonal fool (because I'm totally not that any longer, right?).



  1. funny you should mention about the weekend thing...I also thought I was HILARIOUS around christmas and got NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL DAMN IT! I too have noticed that on the weekend. So, if I slayed myself on the weekend, I leave that post there, because that's what my bloated ego told me to do! Ha ha...eeehh...this all casts me in a very ugly, egotistical light. Whatevs.

  2. I'd rather be thanked from the bottom of your vulva, but that's just me.

    Good job with trying to schedule things out. I try not to post too much, but I have rooted myself into a pattern of posting daily. It's never forced, but sometimes feels like I'm posting too much.

    My thought is I should have been blogging years ago, and I'm just making up for lost time. I wonder what my readers will think if I ever "take a day off?"

  3. dammit. now all day, all i am going to hear is "housekeeping? housekeeping?".

  4. @Just Jen
    I've been tested; it's all good. No padded room or medication needed. I'm a high functioning lunatic. x

    @Not Blessed Mama
    I'm so glad. Sorry, but I am.

    @Lost in Idaho
    I think that too - about the lost time thing, but then I keep telling myself - there's no rush. It's hard for me, because I am extraordinarily impulsive.

    We can be bloated together. Whatevs, indeed! x

    I love you, smart ass.

  5. that weekend traffic blows. but then monday mornings tend to be an overload because everyone saves their weekend stuff to post monday morning & then i can't read them all. i'm no good at scheduling stuff in real life or on my blog. it makes me feel pressured & i guess i don't perform well under pressure. so i go with the willy nilly style of blogging.
    i hope your OCD will apprectiate the schedule you've given yourself.

  6. @Sherilin
    Haha.. I hope so too - cuz it was making me a bit mental, even more than normal.
    At least if there's an over-load on Monday, mine will be up all day Tuesday as well - see how perfect my plan is? No rush. Easy peasy! LOL

  7. I don't read blogs on the weekends mainly because if I do, it's by phone and a pain in the ass. So there. xoxox

  8. P.S. Thanks for taking off the word verification. It was a pain in the vag.

  9. @Pamela
    And if YOU aren't reading my blog on the weekend, there's SERIOUSLY no fucking point.
    My reasoning is justified. x

    And... you're welcome. I wouldn't want to hurt your vag any longer.

  10. Your blog is always a pleasure to read, no matter which day or what the subject. If you fall off your wagon of patience and consistancy I will not complain...

  11. ocd is cool, I totally respect your symmetry as it pertains to blogging. errhm so if a plane carrying a load of dildos accidentally opens it's drop slot all over new york city on a tuesday morning , you will wait to comment on that lit'l gem of fun? tempting, omg!

  12. @todd
    Oh fuck. That would truly test my attempt at scheduling! I might have cracked for that one. HAHA.

    Thanks for the lovely compliment - I'm glad you won't complain. LOL

  13. I have come to almost the same conclusions, I refuse to be a slave to publishing posts. I've decided that I will post whenever I please but frequently enough to keep my readers engaged. There is too much going on in my life to adhere to a rigid posting schedule. I'll follow and read your blog no matter how frequently you post. As long as I can always pass by and curse you out whenever I want, I'm good.

  14. It's your blog, do what you need to do, Damn It! (And I finally am catching up some of my reading on a weekend, so I am throwing your stats off!) I will follow you no matter what you decide...

  15. I am with Mom-Mom-Mom (wow, just typing that makes me feel like my daughter is here whining my name... I wonder if that was her intention?)
    PS - Love the new clean look.

  16. I LOVE that Family Guy bit. In fact, my kids and I play it. But, I have warned my daughter to tell me in no uncertain terms when NOT to come in because, if she doesn't..."Housekeeping? I come in?" "No!!" "I come in anyway."
    No sense having my heart explode if I walk in on my 16 y/o daughter when she's getting dressed. I may have changed her diaper many years ago, but things have changed (I HAVE told both of my children that "a day will come when you'll have to change Daddy's diapers."
    My son commented that they have people at the "home" for that kinda nonsense.
    Wonder if he was kidding?

  17. Good for you! I am the most inconsistent blogger but this is brills. Have a good blog-free weekend!

  18. Happy Mother's Day, my friend! :)

  19. I LOVE your executive decision and agree with it 100%!!!

    Sometimes I go a whole week without a post, sometimes I post daily for a few... do it when the mood strikes! And YES weekends blow... no one reads blogs on weekends.. meh?!

    Clean away my friend... I love watching you evolve. You are blossoming into a mega-star! XOXO

  20. hey girl,
    I think the new design looks good. And no matter what day of the week you post, consider me a regular around these lady parts.
    btw, thanks for mentioning the Weekend Rewind at the Fibro. I'm linking up for those now too.


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