Jan 5, 2011

Weird Me Wednesday

PhotobucketI loved to chew on my hair - and I think if it were longer enough today, I still would. I love the sound of it crunching between my teeth. I would grab a little group and chew through it. Once it got too soggy, I would let that one go and grab a new lump.


I'm sure it's also a part of my O.C.D. I once saw a special where the patient actually pulled out strands of their hair and ate it - a symptom called Trichotillomania. She ended up having a pound of hair in her stomach or something disgusting like that. I cut my hair really short a couple weeks after I saw that.


  1. My son actually "had" trichotillomania....strangely he kind of outgrew it (he also has autism and lots of OCD-tendencies)- well outgrew it because I kept shaving his head completely bald...

    now he has a rich, crazy head of red hair and *knock on wood* he hasn't been pulling

  2. @Heather Yup! It's a great solution! Too bad other obsessions aren't so easy to thwart. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I saw that I think- MTV true Life? OMG... Yeah... no hair in the poop.. I dont think your body was meant to break that down. hahahah

  4. I saw the same show. It was so bizarre.

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  5. Thanks so much for participating in the Weird Me Wednesday Blog hop, for posting the button on your page, and for sharing your weirdness with your followers!!
    I really appreciate it =)

  6. I used to twirl a strand of my hair and then put it in my mouth and pretty much suck on it. How funny that others do that too!

  7. @Lauren Ya, I totally twirled it too - but the crunching was the most satisfying part. HAHA.

  8. OCD? I just keep finding more things I have in common with you. ;)

    I so miss my short hair. I'm talking boy short, as in my stylist gave me and her husband the same cut! (I wish I had pictures but I am so bad about being in front of the camera, I just hate it!)

    I loved it short - it made me feel more feminine, spicier, know what I mean? But my hubby loves the whole long & flowy thing so I finally caved & grew it out. Now my daughters & I grow it, cut it for Locks of Love, then grow it again. Its become a tradition, sort of our mommy & daughter thang.

  9. @Sofia's Ideas Oh, that's really a fantastic idea you have! My mother recently had her head shaved for charity. I wouldn't qualify since I've dyed my hair... a lot.

    I get the spicy thing too - when it was super short and I'd put some style gel in it! My hubby prefers the long hair too - something to grab on to - he likes to say. HAHA!

  10. Oh, that's not weird at all. I actually like to single out one strand and bite off the end. Ok, maybe we're both weird. And I have long hair, so I do it all the time.

  11. Umm.. now that you mention it - I also liked to find split ends and see how high up I could split the strand before it broke. hummmm..

  12. Oh, after seeing a pound of hair in someone's stomach. Yeah, I'd go cut that off, too. You know, just in case.

    Anyway, I think you are adorable. Just adorable. xo

  13. Eeek! I saw that special, too! And it made me never want to chew my hair again, either!!!

  14. My 3 year old daughter just starting doing that!

    following back :)

  15. Well, that deserves a LOL! You cut your hair right after that. Hilarious. My sister loves watching programs about peeps like that.


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