Jan 9, 2011

Stylish Award - Thank you!

So, I am up here on my imaginary podium, clearing my phlegmy throat - AH HEMMM...

THANK YOU Rockin' Momma for passing along the Stylish blogger Award to me! You are so awesome to think me deserving of it - it means A LOT. Secondly, Fuck you for making me think on a Sunday! xox

How this works...
1. Thank & link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers. (There is no way I have the energy or attention span to do 15, I'll link to blogs I'm lovin' lately and who deserve the award, how's that?)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 things about Lady Estrogen:
1. I hate yellow gold.
2. I bite the sides of my fingers - not the nails; the skin beside the nails. Ugh.
3. My first tattoo was totally ruined by stretch marks - it's now a mutilated & decapitated turtle.
4. I would eat cereal and milk for every meal if I could.
5. I hate oranges but love Fanta.
6. I use to play women's hockey.
7. I still text & drive even though I KNOW how terrible it is; I try to only do it when I'm stopped at a light.

Passing this funky award to...

Almost There - Because you are HOT and I love your support :)

LadyLike Pervert - Because you're as warped as me and that's awesome!

Masshole Mommy - Because I just found you and I'm a-likin' what I'm a-seein'.

Weeman - Because you're doing a lot of good stuff on your site - more initiative than I'll ever have!

Tough Cookie Mommy - Because you've got a good thing goin' on.

Laughing My Abs Off - Because you have made me laugh on numerous occasions lately :)

After Nine to Five - Because I'm liking you're shit.

RandomRoRo - Because I often think you're writing what I'm thinking.

Life in a Pink Fibro - Because I love all that you do.

Mommy is Rock /n Roll - Because pink and black KICK ASS.

And again, Rockin' Momma - fuck you harder and suck my balls... but you've touched me... in a great way, not a molester way.


PS. I totally understand if you, the fabulous 10 that I have mentioned, do not forward this along; just know that I think you all ROCK. 'Nuf said. xox


  1. I second all that :) Thank you hun, you rock!!!

  2. congrats & thanks for sharing!
    and i too have a jacked up tattoo from stretchmarks. it went from a cute little mousey, to a ganked up sewer rat while i was preg. eewww!

  3. Aw shucks, thanks. I am not a fan of yellow gold either. And I always wondered what happened when a tattoo met a stretch mark, so thanks for clearing that up. Off to check out all the other blogs you mention now - the only one I've met so far is Tough Cookie Mommy and she rocks!

  4. Stopping by via the Weekend Hop to say hello.
    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  5. Thanks woman! I'm glad you finally commented on my blog so that I could see yours and see how fuckin' funny you are! Don't EVER HIDE THINGS FROM ME AGAIN. :-)

  6. Oh geez...I'm touched and I'm likin' it ;)

    Sorry about the turtle...that's character!

  7. you are awesome. thank you for checking out my blog Punk Rock momma

  8. I love your blog and blog button so I added it to your new page "blogs that caught my eye" Please stop by and check it out and let your followers know that you have been featured.

  9. hi there- following you back on monday's blog hop... okay... you are not like all the mom blogs out there. yeah! I need to step outside my box. I don't like yellow gold. I don't have a tattoo, but my husband does, so that has to count for something. thanks for visiting.I'm off to visit some of your fav blogs. laura

  10. Oh tattoo's and pregnancy :( In november of 2006, I went and got my first 2 tattoos. A monkey and a frog, right on the flatest part of my lower belly. Fuck the world, I got pregnant on Christmas.

    They now look like giant stretched out mongrols.

  11. Fanta orange rocks, but have to tried Fanta grape? It's so hard to find around here, but when I do, I buy all the bottles on the shelf! Congrats on your award lady, you totally deserve it and thanks for sendin' in my way.

  12. Great blog and funny too. New follower here, and congrats on the award.

  13. Whoop Whoop!! Thankssssssssss! I like it.. I like it alot! And I love you (is that awkward-we only just met) Whatever I love you deal with it!

    Fuck Yeah I'm passing it along! Thanks..

    You're officially a BB (bottom bitch) I'm not ghetto but I like to use pimp slang! I think everyone should do it.

    Exes and Oh Face!


  14. Thanks much, lady! LOVE IT!

    As for the turtle - I think it adds character.

  15. Hey! I like your blog! I started following, found you from LaughingMyAbsOff - I wanted to share that I TOO bite the skin off next to my fingernails - eww, I wish I could stop, Is there a skin-biting-next-to-the-nail-anonymous? We can start one just you and me! :)

  16. Um ok - Lady-like Pervert has just returned from an almost two week Florida vacation and is just NOW getting caught up on her blog reading! WTf - I missed my honourable mention while I was gone! :(

    Ok - I've gotta go and get caught up!!!!

    Thanks for the mention my totally lovely Lady E!!! xo


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