Apr 19, 2012

Platypi out of nowhere!

Here's the thing - work is disgusting at the moment. I've been walking around in a fog for the past 3 weeks. Once tax season is over, I might be able to function vaguely like a normal person. I'm going to take this opportunity to share some drawings that a "friend" of mine has done. She usually does characters and books for the kidlets, but she also creates ones for the mature grown-ups, such as us... right? Ahem.

Here are my Top Ten characters - I hope you enjoy as much as I do! 

Here's the catch - list all 10 names (or as many as you can) in the comments and you will be entered to win a customized cartoon made for you, or a loved one - whatever you choose. It can be as cute & innocent or as kinky as you like - the sky's the limit, or at least, what she can be bothered trying to draw, but... pretty much anything.

Yay! So fun! 
Good luck, bitches ;)


I've also been interviewed In The Powderroom today! Check it out, if you want to know more about me. 
(I know, it's a hard sell, but hey, I thought I'd put it out there anyway.) x


  1. I know the answer to #4 isn't "Generic Pimp" so I can't name em all.

    I'll let someone else win this thing.

    HOWEVER, I have two kids. They like books. I may have to check this out. My oldest may be the only one in Kindergarten who can spell platypus in the next few months!!!

  2. They are awesome. Your "friend" has a great imagination.

  3. Aw man.. You know how much I love a contest and I can't name but two of 'em! Damn it! :p

    Good Luck to everyone else!

    LOVE the drawings! :D

  4. Ha! Well... I don't know if ANYONE will get all of them - I would have to run away with that person & have their love child.

    Name as many as you can :)

  5. I'm not sure what format you want these names in...but here are my guesses in totally inappropriate form.
    1. Kiss-a-pus
    2. Badass-a-pus
    3. Douche-a-pus
    4. Pimp-a-pus
    5. Doc-a-pus
    6. Slash-a-pus
    7. Biker-a-pus
    8. Ghost Bust-a-pus
    9. Peek-Cock-a-pus
    10. Jay & Silent Bob-a-pus

    I'm aware I made a couple of those up...but hell I giggled so it was worth it. lol.

  6. 1)Kiss-a-puss
    2)Tomb Raider-a-puss
    3)Austin Powers-a-puss
    5)Silence of the lambs-a-puss
    7)gas pumper guy-a-puss
    8)Ghost Busters-a-puss
    10)Jay and Silent Bob-a-pusss

  7. Alright, I'll have a go....

    1. Gene Simmons
    2. Lara Croft
    3. Austin Powers
    4. Snoop Dogg or some 70's pimp daddy - Dolemeite? Flyguy?
    5. Hannibal Lecter
    5. Slash
    6. Long Duck Dong?
    7. Dr Egon
    8. Jem?
    9. Jay and Silent Bob

    What's my score?

  8. OK Ok ok.

    1 - Gene Simmons (tongue-a-pus?)
    2 - Lara Croft (tomb-a-pus)
    3 - Austin Powers (shag-a-pus)
    4 - Snoop Dawg (pimp-a-pus)
    5 - Hannibal Lecter (fufufufufufu-a-pus)
    6 - Slash (shred-a-pus)
    7 - Zoolander (bluesteel-a-pus)
    8 - Egon from Ghostbusturs (bust-a-pus)
    9 - Kate Pierson from the B-52's? (love shack-a-pus)
    10 - Jay & Silent Bob (snooch-a-pus)

  9. Close... but no one's 10/10 yet!

  10. Fantastic. I think #9 is Priscilla Queen of the Desert-a-pus. And #4 has to be Huggy Bear-a-pus. Otherwise, I'm down with everyone else's smart guesses.

  11. 1. Jean Simmons
    2. Rizzoli
    3. Austin Powers
    4. Huggy Bear
    5. Hannibal Lecter
    6. Slash
    7. This one is good! I wouldn't have gotten the Zoolander reference if I didn't read it on another post.

    And now I've cheated by reading the other comments.


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