Feb 16, 2011

Theme Song to My Life

I have this thing where I hear a song (OK I’m not talking rampant rave hip hop or indie dance trance), but it triggers something, a time, a place, a person.  I don’t know why but I automatically associate words and the songs to a particular moment.  I also do it in reverse; something can happen and I hear a tune in my head. I’m associating a random song – it’s as if I can create a theme tune to my life at any point in time.

I guess it’s because I love music, I love lyrics but unless you’ve ever done it yourself, it’s quite hard to understand.  So let me enlighten you.

I remember this particular guy I so had the hots for and for absolutely ages. He was a dream to look at, he was a genuinely nice guy and every time he walked past me all I could hear was:

Donna Summer - “This Time I Know Its For Real”

I remember when he asked me out, oh yes! He asked me out! It was back then one of the happiest moments in SJ’s world. Whoop Whoop! So much so that when I said “Yes, OMG Yes” oops try not to be too keen there SJ! All I could hear was:

Bananarama - I Can't Help It

We went out for a while (not a mammoth amount of time but enough to make an impact) we had a lot of fun, some really great times but there was that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me something wasn’t right.  It was just one of those things, there wasn’t anything wrong with our relationship it just didn’t feel right and the longer I carried it on all I could do was sit back and watch love’s youg dream fade into the distance and I kept thinking I don’t want to do this anymore.

I was reading in my room, I had been ignoring his calls (thank god there was no texting or mobiles back then) the phone went and it was him.  My mum thought he was wonderful (you know the kind of guy, a great guy, gets on wonderful with your family but just doesn’t do it for you) and she wouldn’t let me just play dead.  She told me I had to be honest with him.   He was talking and all I could I hear in my head was:

Level 42 - It's Over

Well many years later and a few lessons have been learnt. I used to have fantasies about meeting Mr Right, being swept off my feet by the knight on a white horse and all that crap but I lost it somewhere along the lines and the one thing I’m not any more is a romantic.  I’m a bit of a sentimental junkie but the whole romance thing really bypasses me.  I find it corny and I get embarrassed by it.

I like simple gestures, thougtful propositions but if I came home to bouquets of flowers and petal’s strewn across my floor, firstly I’d think you accidentally buried the cat or was plotting some kind of satanic ritual to which I will be the sacrificial lamb or probably chicken given the drumsticks my genes generously limbered into legs.

Somewhere along the lines I grew up a bit and stopped focusing on the music.  It still crops up from time to time but I shut it down but then I met someone who just blew every theme tune there ever was for me. In my mind it was never going to be anything, the timing wasn’t right, he was in a relationship or I was but we got on so well over time we became very good friends. In fact, best friends.

I had resigned myself to this fact – we were only ever going to be friends but as time passed every time I thought of him all I could ever hear was:

DAFT Punk – Something About Us

What I didn’t know was that he felt the same way. Well in a perfect world there are happy endings and so far in mine there is….

I’ll let you work out the rest…

Guest post by the wonderful SJ over at Almost There. You can also find her on twitter @Sazzim


  1. reading these stories here this month, it makes me wish i experienced music in a powerful way. the music lovers describe it & love it in such a cool way. i feel like i got left out of the cool kids music club.
    nice story!

  2. Music is a huge memory trigger, songs that bring back memories of holidays, even songs that trigger memories of books I’ve read (I try and have music on at all times), songs that got me through hard times and songs that remind me of people….Although I have a “Record of the week” section on my blog (complimentary songs for the weeks Blog) you have no real control over what songs trigger memories.

    I used to love a group called the Christians but can no longer listen to them because of the bad memories they evoke. I was listening to one of their albums when one of our cats was run over and killed….That was over 15 years ago.

  3. I love the way music has such power and I think Level 42 and It's over in the one sentence, priceless

    Cheers A

  4. And now I keep hearing in my head ( on your other half's behalf)
    " She's the one" - is it Robbie Williams?
    It has to be the Maldives honey forget the car x

  5. Love this! & I love that Daft Punk song.

  6. OMG Daft Punk!!! My boyfriend found their CD last night and played it for hours while we just drank and talked! Are you following us? Did you laugh when I fell in the shower too? I would have lol jk

  7. Incredible how the mind works, how it associates certain things with others. I used to do this so long ago, but now my daughter does. How funny! Loved hearing your story and thank you for sharing:) But, have to admit, I am still a romantic and still love surprises (blushing).

  8. Love this post SJ! It's true, I've marked my life in music :-) Growing up/childhood tunes my parents listened to, teen stuff, college, and now! I get to rock out to my kids' choices too (if they're cool enough)! :-)

  9. Wow!!! I love this post! set to music, what a brilliant idea! I sure enjoyed the fresh view, thanks for sharing your talent!

  10. OMG. SJ... I used to play Something About Us ALL the time before my boyfriend and I got together!! We were friends first as well, but it started to seem like more.:-)

  11. There's almost always a memory associated with a song for me. And if I haven't heard a song in a long time and hear it, I can remember things I didn't think I had a memory of.

  12. I'm the exact same way. some of those songs took me back to my childhood! wow.

  13. "...but if I came home to bouquets of flowers and petal’s strewn across my floor, firstly I’d think you accidentally buried the cat or was plotting some kind of satanic ritual..." LMAO - SJ - you crack me up... This post, though, reminds me of another friend who thinks in music...the battery in her inner iPod never dies! =) xo

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  15. Love it! A story in lyrics :)

  16. Thank you for all your comments and a big thank you to Steph for letting me invade her blog oxox


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