Feb 18, 2011

Swan Songs & Canker Sores

It was grade 9 and I was starting fresh at a new school. My 'secret' naughty relationships were all attending a different school. I was free to roam for fresh blood without any old, stanky asses following me around, begging for another quick feel in the stairwell. I was innocent again; starting over.

I had found a boy I liked; in a school of 1500 students, it didn't take long. He was my typical awkwardly shy but endearing type that I was constantly drawn too. I'd like to think it was because that type complimented my Type A exhibitionist personality. Whist doing my research, I learned that the boy I sat beside in Biology was actually his partner in Music class - score!

So, every day I would wait with bated breath to hear answers to questions that I had him relay - it was SO ridiculously high school. As the days and weeks passed, the boy turned out to be locked up tighter than my dad's ass...which was really fucking tight!

The interesting turn of events was that my messenger boy was starting to cause my lady bits to tingle. We had a lot in common, including our sense of humor and our shared appreciation for Led Zeppelin. Well, I liked them... he LOVED them. His sad attempts of Swan Song doodles were on display all over his binder, as well as the 4 Led Zeppelin symbols.

After that fateful night when we finally broke the tension with a deep kiss down the street from my house, we were inseparable - literally. Our tongues mutually burrowing down each other's throats was our primary pass time, usually accompanied by some Led Zeppelin music whenever possible. I had soon developed a nasty harvest of canker sores and my mouth was practically pulsating by the time I returned home from one of our marathon make-out sessions. My mother noticed one day and said straight away, "Looks like someone's been doing too much kissing!" Whoa! How did she know? That woman was a frickin' psychic!

Our best night was during my first big school dance. They were hosted by MuchMusic with a giant video screen and lighting effects, which was pretty damn impressive for high school! You have to remember that all my previous "relationships" took place in secret, so this was really my first publicly physical relationship, and it was exciting. Later in the night, Stairway to Heaven came on; we both looked at each other, smiled and then we partook in some rather shamelessly sloppy PDA in the middle of the dance floor... for the entire 8 minute epic. It was a long time not to come up for air! One of the senior girls from the basketball team slapped me hard on the ass while yelling really loudly, "Way to go, baby skank!"

Well, before that year, I only revealed my true self to a select few - and after that night, everyone knew. Although we didn't manage to stay together for too long, I only have fond memories of him. Whenever I hear pretty much ANY Led Zeppelin song, I think of him, but especially Stairway to Heaven. Incidentally, I also think of him whenever I get a festering canker sore - I'm sure he'd be touched.

In addition to being a part of my own February Music Month, I also did this post for Jill over at Strawberry Freckles; she is doing a High School Memory Tunes Linky :) She's adorable!


  1. Ahhh, the MuchMusic video dances...

  2. girl awesome song!! and that tingly feeling...wow, where'd that feeling go? (hahaha!! and yeah yeah...i think I left myself wide open for a joke there) amazing writing steph :)

  3. High school? Shudder! I don't want to even remember!

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  4. Stairway to Heaven it truly is a song where you just can't resist not making out:) Oh btw i just landed on your blog and I'm loving it! I am now following you thanks to Fun Follow Friday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
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  5. So basically, when they do the countdown EVERY New Year on the top classic songs of all time and Stairway to Heaven is always number one, you think of messenger boy. How much do I love this? A ton...I think we have that vinyl too!!!! Hee hee

  6. I've heard that a little extra vitamin c & b are all that's needed to cure a canker sore, so kiss away, my friend!

  7. Great song! Stopped over from Jill's

  8. Stairway to Heaven....I used to love that song when I was a teen and stoned out of my box. Ah memories of 'smoke outs' lying on a carpet with my face covered in carpet burns! great story

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  10. You've got to love a teenage herpes infection. You've got it for life! Nice musical memories. Glad you were able to come out of the 'closet' with a party-pash on the dancefloor x

  11. Stairway to the canker - LOVE IT!! That song has different memories for me but I love the "Incidentally, I also think of him whenever I get a festering canker sore - I'm sure he'd be touched"

    I wonder if he feels the same :D


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