May 24, 2012

Boobies, boobies... rah rah rah!

In honor of it being LGBT week, I wrote about the first time I experienced a same-sex couple and my reactions that followed. Please check it out - I am kinda proud of this one and shit...

Shhh. I don't say that often. It's much more fun mocking myself.


Secondly, I was informed of an awesome charity with a bit of pizzazz. I know there's loads of Breast Cancer charities, but when I saw the wrist bands for this one, I laughed out loud... and then proceeded to buy four.

Also, I've got a weakness for cleaver branding and company names, like The Keep A Breast Foundation.
Oh my gawd. I love it!

As I've mentioned in the past that my mother is a breast cancer survivor, which makes up one half of the charities I support with my whole heart (ironically, the other half being Heart & Stroke, having lost my father to heart disease). That wasn't meant to be funny, it just came out that way. You get the idea.

But seriously, how cool are these? And really... who doesn't love motor boating?!

Also in this set? NICE JUGS, FUNBAGS and NICE MELONS.

If you want to support this charity in a fun way and wear something a little cheeky, you can buy them here.

Who knows, perhaps I'm the last person in North America to hear about this foundation, 
but I thought I'd share my excitement anyway. 




  2. We bought a couple NEON FUCKING GREEN bracelets for breast cancer that read BOOBIES RULE!!

    Not sure if it's the same foundation but I dig 'em!

  3. @Rebecca

    YEAH, BABE!! They must be it. Love them all - there were so many to choose from. These were my favorites :)

  4. Motorboating is a funny term to me. I smile every time I hear it.

  5. its LGBT week? How cool! I actually just wrote a whole thing on undead marriages. I wonder what I was insinuating... lol.

  6. *snort* motorboating. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Loved this post and loved your "Powder Room" post! What a wonderful experience for you and so early on. 1994 seems like the stone ages and as the mom of a gay son I can honestly say 2012 doesn't seem that much more advanced, sadly and irritatingly so. - Oh hey! I tagged you in a post. C'mon over. Bring some wine and play along. And stop rolling your eyes! ;)


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