Apr 12, 2012

Let Your Backbone Slide

Apparently, there's been a mini trend for celebs (like Justin Beeeaver and The Queen) to make an appearance at weddings. That's cool and all, blardy, bar, bar... but THEN... then I saw something pretty motherfucking fantastic on the news yesterday. ->>

That's right, y'all. It's thee one and only Maestro Fresh Wes walking in while the groom is busting away on his (ridiculously famous, if you're Canadian) song, Let Your Backbone Slide.

(or the bride's, for that matter ;)


So, of course I had to spread the love around and tell other people. Then, this was my morning...

My mind? Melted.

I'm not sure why he's calling me Ma... must be a Toronto thing. I've been out of the city for a little while, but it's totally OK. Ya know why? Because he's the fucking Maestro - that's why!

It got me to thinking - what would be the top songs that I love to sing along to (even in public, usually at weddings) and that I would completely lose my shit in the best possible way if these performers made a coincidental appearance to show me how it's done. These are specifically the songs I haven't heard in forever and actually don't even own copies of them (honestly, I don't, except Shoop - I need to start building my back catalog for realzies) but when they come on? Holy shit! I bust it out and sing them word-for-word since I have no shame... and basically because I'm a bat crap crazy white girl like that.

10. Digital Underground

9. Young MC

8. Sir Mix-A-Lot

7. Tone-Lōc
Wild Thing or Funky Cold Medina (They're pretty much the same song)

6. Naughty By Nature
5. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

4. Beastie Boys

3. Maestro Fresh Wes

2. House of Pain

And by a landslide, also currently the ONLY song I've ever done (sober) karaoke to...

1. Salt N Pepa

So, I'll pass it on to you...
What old school songs make you lose your freaking mind when they come on?


  1. Oh geez. Today is our anniversary (of course Dallas is far away) this video made my night. I would have to add some NKOTB The Right Stuff to this list!!

  2. Yep, I'll take Jump around. Awesome tweet up lady!

  3. I have zero idea who that is but that is pretty freaking cool of him and certainly of/for you to get a tweet from him! Go you! :)

  4. Yeah, the majority of people outside of Canada haven't heard of him, but trust me - he's a big deal 'round these woods ;)

  5. I don't know who that guy is either but he seems like a big deal so good on you for getting some love. As for the "ma" reference, I get it from my Haitian friend all the time, I don't get it either but I think it's a term of endearment and will continue to assume so until told otherwise.
    As for the songs that make me lose my shit, most of the ones you mentioned above make my list as well, but the king of all king lose my shit songs for me is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. It's not even close!

  6. Honestly, I cannot help but sing when ever I hear it Achy Breaky Heart, and most of those on your list

    because, well...it's funny

  7. Shoop? No way.

    NO WAY.

    I did that song at my wedding. Wife and the bridesmaids were Salt and Pepa and I was the "S and the P want to get with me" Dude...


  8. I wouldn't mind a celebrity crashing my wedding. lol.

  9. @Kyla

    Yeah, no need for the prompter at karaoke, for sure!


    I knew there was a reason I liked you...

  10. The video, the tweets - wicked awesome!

    I think the only addition I might make to your list would be Dee-lite's Groove is in the Heart.

    I positively hate that song and absolutely love it at the same time.

  11. Celebrity twitter encounter! Woohoo!

    I am curious, where does this enounter rate amongst your others? I still have to say that the Bloggess DMing me as my twitter hightlight. :)

  12. I totally want to start calling people ma now. Ma means ma'am in some African cultures.

  13. being Canadian, Maestro's backslide is most certainly in the top 5. For some reason also Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J....but not sure why a suburban living, minivan driving, latte sipping SAHM such as myself is down with that. Street cred?

    Best ever wedding surprise I ever witnessed, and being Canadian it is pretty much the cream of the top....the groom loved hockey - I mean LOVED hockey - so the bride arranged a toast appearance from none other than Mr. #99 himself.
    seeing all the men cry and lose their shit at the sight of Gretzky... totally worth the cash bar.

  14. @Rory

    Wow - that's pretty damn awesome, indeed!!

    If I did a Top 20, Vanilla Ice, Kris Kross, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, and LL Cool J would have made it for sure. lol

  15. GREAT list! I'm partial to #6 and anything and everything by Salt n' Pepa!

    OH!!!!!! And go check my blog. I have SHAMELESSLY promoted you all over the place cuz' I'm cool like that AND I still have some kind of marketing leech attached to my brain cells from when I sold gold teeth to hood rats once upon a time..

    In any event it's all about you LADY E!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my prize and nearly had to wrestle it away from my lit'l sis and yeah, she actually pulled the lit'l sis card at 44 yrs. of age! Nope. I don't have to share anymore and more to the point, I'm not going to!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I thank you so, so, so MUCH!
    If you ever find yourself in northern Michigan. Stop in for a drink. We'll have it on the rocks, or more to the point, on the CHILL PILLS! :D

  16. Uh...we have the same exact list. I see now why Twitter thinks I'm similar to you. :-D

  17. @Rory - GRETZKY, REALLY??? That is beyond awesome!! I'm from Michigan and we too live and breathe hockey, "Wing Nut" - Go Red Wings! - doesn't even begin to cover it! I totally would've loved to have seen that! Please tell me someone got that on video! And if you can share it on your blog I would love to see it!!!

  18. Nice list of old school rap songs

  19. Agrees w/Adam and throws in Paul Revere for good measure. It's cool that Maestro hit you up on Twitter. That's like a digital autograph. I enjoyed the video although I'm unfamiliar with him. I miss the old school hip hop videos where people looked like they were just having fun. Now all you see are thongs and liquor. Not that I have a problem with thongs...

  20. Every single one of those songs will be played at my wedding.
    But the ONE song?
    Make you sweat- C&C Music Factory.

    Awesome that he shouted out to you ma.

  21. @Leighannn

    Ooohhh yes, that's a great one too.

  22. Hi there, Im the bride in that video FYI the surprise was for our good friend Frank, the groom is the habdsome guys in the big green tie (we got married on saint patricks day) he was wearing a prop. Nonetheless an incredible performance and unforgetable wedding. Thanx Maestro!!!! u r awesome

  23. Hahaha - THANKS for letting me know - it's so cool :)


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