Jan 25, 2010


I had gone on a cruise with my parents shortly after I turned 19 – it was to be the last ‘family’ vacation that I was go on with them. It was a fantastic cruise ship – my parents aren’t ones to hold back when it comes to their vacation destinations. The problem I had with being on the cruise ship was that I was stuck there – with my parents. We shared the same family suite cabin and the same table for dining, and so on. I understood that it was meant to be a ‘family’ experience, but I thought it was just lame. I saw them every damn day! The idea of being confined to their company on a ship like this was annoying, especially when I was technically an adult.

The shittiest thing was that although I had been legal for quite a few months by this point, the ship was in ‘international water’ which meant that the legal drinking age for liquor was 21. Crap! It was like having to give back a really cool gift – it wasn’t fun. I was allowed to drink light beer – if I wanted to – yuck, I’ll stick with my soda, thanks.

There were a lot of young people on the ship – probably about 23-24; they were in large groups and always looked to be having the greatest time... and there was me, sitting quietly with my family. Yawn. A couple times, my mother would say, “Why don’t you go and make friends with them?” Ya, ok, Mom... because we’re all in grade 1 on the LaLaLand ship and I will go and play with them! (Sense the heavy sarcasm?) Obviously, it didn’t work that way, and neither did I have the courage to even contemplate that idea, as bad as it was.

It only took 2 days before I was bored with my parents, and I tried to find a place where I could escape, even for a quick smoke, or something... anything! I had found a tiny lounge bar at the opposite end of the ship and I found a small table near the window. I ordered one of the disgusting light beers, only so to look a little older than I was. I thought ordering a Coke would be a giveaway. Every few minutes, I would take a big gulp of it to force it down while trying to minimize the disgusting after taste. There were only a couple people in this lounge, mostly empty, and there was someone playing the piano at the front of the room. He was very good, and he had caught my attention, so I switched my gaze from the vast horizon line to his playing.

Since the room was practically empty, it didn’t take him long to realize that he had a small audience. Even from behind the piano, I could tell that he was very tall – close to 7ft. He had a smoothly shaved head and was very dark and good looking. I could barely understand him through his thick Jamaican accent but I gathered that he was asking me for songs to play. It turned out that he was the keyboardist/pianist in the Calypso Band on board the ship. We had a few laughs and before long, I was sitting beside him, playing Heart & Soul (the only song I could play on the piano). We didn’t really talk too much, but still enjoyed each other’s company.

About an hour had passed and he told me that he wanted to go back to his cabin... and take me with him. Dense me – it took me a few seconds to register what he meant. Ahhh... oh, yes, ok! Wow, I was excited. I followed him out the bar and though some double doors that said “STAFF ONLY”. We were going down a couple flights of stairs and down a long corridor and passing a lot of open rooms with staff members everywhere, just hanging out and relaxing.

I felt like ‘Baby’ in Dirty Dancing – all I was missing was that damn watermelon!

We had got to his room, which he shared with one other guy. It was so tiny and there was a bunk-bed in which his was the top – of course. As soon as he shut the door, he took off his shirt and pants and kissed me. He was so toned and every inch of his body was perfectly chiselled. I was wearing a dress that buttoned all the way down the front, so it was easy for him to start undressing me. We were both down to underwear when he gestured for me to climb up into his bed. I was horrified at the thought of him seeing my ass wave in his face as I climbed onto the bed, especially since I didn’t exactly have on a pair of Victoria’s Secret, so I told him to go first. I was wearing my standard ‘granny panties’ as hooking up was about the furthest thing from my mind when I got dressed that morning.

We finished undressing each other when we got up on the top bunk. There was no more than 3 feet of space from the bunk to the ceiling, so we had to do all the foreplay on our sides, facing each other. When it came time to have sex, he awkwardly shimmied on top of me. We had filled the tiny rectangular space to its limit; my legs were in the air with my toes just touching the ceiling and his long legs were against the far wall and he was using it to push off from, and to go deeper into me. Wow! It was a completely non-ideal place to have sex, but we were making it work somehow. I was not naive in thinking that I was the first girl he had tried this with, especially when he had a drawer fully stocked of condoms. It was intensely hot, and it sure beat the hell out of playing bingo with my parents!

After that afternoon, I didn’t really think I would see him again, which was fine with me. Besides, I barely could understand what he was saying to me. All I knew was that he was gorgeous and wanted to have sex with me – score! That is what a holiday fling is all about, right? Well, the complete opposite happened! He called my family’s cabin at least 5 times a day for the next 2 days. My mother was wondering who the hell this guy was! I just told her that some guy had a crush on me.

I finally agreed to meet up with him and he told me that he loved me and eventually wanted to move to my hometown to be with me.

What the fuck? 

It was the last thing I had ever thought was going to result from having sex with this guy. I had to let him down gently, but it really wasn’t something I was used to doing – usually I was the ‘breakie’ and the guy was the ‘breaker’. I told him I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and wasn’t ready for anything – which was a load of crap – but it was the only thing I could think of. Who knows! Maybe it was all an act to try and pull a green card scam on me, or perhaps he genuinely wanted to be with me. Either way, it was totally bizarre.

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  1. You done went and turned him!!! LOL. He probably never got over you either!


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