Jan 14, 2010

My "Double Garage"

I had been sleeping with this guy that had a rather huge penis; the sex was hard and dirty and great. The relationship had taken its natural course after about 3 months and then we had gone our separate ways. About a week or so later, I had a unique opportunity to briefly re-unite with an old flame (one that I still harboured some pretty intense feelings for). It was such a pleasant surprise and I was excited at the prospect that we would be having ‘reunion sex’... until it actually happened.

Turned out that my lady parts had been stretched out like a ring of taffy from the previous guy. I had never experienced what a difference it would actually make... until that moment.


When he got inside me, I could barely feel him. It was like he was parking his scooter inside my double garage! I was totally ashamed.

Everyone’s heard the on-going comment that guys like it “tight”, so I would assume that he noticed, but he still appeared to be enjoying himself. I let him continue and I pretended that I was enjoying myself as well. I was constantly trying to squeeze together my pelvic muscles to see if that made a difference. All I kept thinking to myself was: “I’m a fucking loose whore! Tramp. Skank. Slut. Strumpet. Floozy.” I felt pretty gross about myself, to tell you the truth, not to mention that it ruined what was supposed to be a special moment with this guy.

The moral of this story is: Do your Kegel exercises on a daily basis!


  1. LMFAO!!!! I'm kegeling now!

  2. Jesus, that made me snort so hard that I deviated my septum.


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